King's Cup

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Kings Cup
Category Backpack Item
Subcategories Usable
Version Availability All

The Kings Cup is your grand reward for completing the Canbodia Adventures. The Cup helps you increase your drinking stat by providing you with a bonus if you can solve a simple puzzle thats similar to the University.


The Kings Cup starts with no bonus. To increase it's bonus, you must solve the puzzle and drink the specified type of alcohol at the specified score or higher; all noted at the top of its page. The puzzle requires manipulating a 4x4 grid consisting of pieces representing the 5 types of drinks and a negative score modifier:

shot.gif beer.gif wine.gif mixed.gif liquor.gif bad.gif
Shots Beer Wine Mixed Liquor -1 Score

Grid pieces can be alternated as rows, columns, or even the grid as a whole. The more matching grid pieces shown, the higher the score for their type of drink with -1 pieces each reducing the overall score by one. The objective is to have the highest score for the the drink type required. Should you succeed, your cup bonus will increase by one, the puzzle will reset and you will be able to drink above the 500 drinking limit. Failing the puzzle will reset the bonus to zero.

Requirements for Drinking Stat gain

Drink Stat King's Cup Puzzle King's Cup Bonus
0+ 0 0
100+ 0 0
200+ 0 0
300+ 1 0
400+ 3 0
500+ 5 0
600+ 7 1
700+ 9 2
800+ 11 3
900+ 13 4
1,000+ 15 5
1,100+ 17 6

List of Locations and Costs

Location Cost
HoboWars HoboWars2 Facebook HoboWars HoboArena
Canbodia Adventures
Mission 18
Canbodian Jungle
Canbodian Jungle
Canbodian Jungle
Canbodian Jungle