Unusually Large Backpack

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The Unusually
Large Backpack

The Unusually Large Backpack stores and contains various items you find and use during the Adventures and other activities.

General Information

The Unusually Large Backpack is one of the most important items in the game because it stores items that are neither Food nor Equipment and is virtually bottomless in terms of storage.

List of Backpack Items

There are over 200 items that call the Unusually Large Backpack their home. Many stored items are useful are for everyday needs (such as drinks and ingredients), some are simply stored for selling/trading (ore and pawnables), while most of the remaining items serve no purpose beyond progressing through adventures.

Backpack items that are only present in Facebook HoboWars and HoboArena are marked with a dark gray background.

ID Image Name Category Pawnable? Equippable?
lol.gif Lol ~
1 8-Ball.gif 8 Ball Misc. Yes No
2 Locker.gif Locker Usable No No
3 Bartender-Guide.gif Bartender Guide Usable No No
4 Extra-Large-Bowling-Ball.gif Extra Large Bowling Ball Usable No Yes
5 Bowling-Shoes.gif Bowling Shoes Usable No Yes
6 Bowling-Trophy.gif Bowling Trophy Misc. Yes No
7 Mini-Hobot.gif Mini Hobot Usable No No
8 Bus-Pass.gif Bus Pass Misc. No No
9 City-Map.gif City Map Usable No No
10 Car-Key.gif Car Key Misc. No No
11 Hobo-Grail.gif Hobo Grail Misc. No No
12 Mixer.gif Mixer Usable No No
13 Mobile-Phone.gif Mobile Phone Usable No No
14 Begging-Piggy.gif Begging Piggy Usable No Yes
15 NoSymbol.gif

16 NoSymbol.gif

17 NoSymbol.gif

18 NoSymbol.gif

19 Crudweiser.gif Crudweiser Alcohol No No
20 Goon-Sack.gif Goon Sack Alcohol No No
21 Albino-Ale.gif Albino Ale Alcohol No No
22 Purple-Pigeon-Vodka.gif Purple Pigeon Vodka Alcohol No No
23 John-Cuervo-Tequila.gif John Cuervo Tequila Alcohol No No
24 Birdbath-Gin.gif Birdbath Gin Alcohol No No
25 Revs-Rum.gif Rev's Rum Alcohol No No
26 Ruiners-Rum.gif Ruiner's Rum Alcohol No No
27 Wild-Terrier-Whiskey.gif Wild Terrier Whiskey Alcohol No No
28 Zima-Light.gif Zima Light Alcohol No No
29 Portly-Stout.gif Portly Stout Alcohol No No
30 Boxcar-Boxed-Wine.gif Boxcar Boxed Wine Alcohol No No
31 Octuple-Sec.gif Octuple Sec Alcohol No No
32 Montreal-Bourbon.gif Montreal Bourbon Alcohol No No
33 Brandy-Brand-Brandy.gif Brandy Brand Brandy Alcohol No No
34 Property-Deed.gif Property Deed Usable No No
35 NoSymbol.gif

36 Tin-Can.gif Tin Can Misc. No No
37 Ice.gif Ice Ingredients No No
38 Shipwreck-Key.gif Shipwreck Key Misc. No No
39 Bathroom-Key.gif Bathroom Key Misc. No No
40 Red-Bull.gif Red Bull Ingredients No No
41 Miners-Cap.gif Miner's Cap Usable No Yes
42 Lemonade.gif Lemonade Mixed Drinks No No
43 Gas-Mask.gif Gas Mask Usable No Yes
44 Empty-Bottles.gif Empty Bottles Usable No, but recyclable No
45 Cryptic-Poem.gif Cryptic Poem Usable Yes No
46 Cola.gif Cola Ingredients No No
47 Mirror-Shard.gif Mirror Shard Misc. No No
48 Rope.gif Rope Usable No No
49 Address-Book.gif Address Book Usable No No
50 Bottle-Caps.gif Bottle Caps Misc. Yes No
51 Brown-Suitcase.gif Brown Suitcase Usable Yes No
52 NoSymbol.gif

53 Envelope.gif Envelope Misc. No No
54 Green-Gloves.gif Green Gloves Usable Yes Yes
55 Green-Headband.gif Green Headband Usable Yes Yes
56 Metal-Suitcase.gif Metal Suitcase Usable Yes No
57 Pail-of-Sand.gif Pail of Sand Misc. No No
58 Rat-Poison.gif Rat Poison Usable No No
59 NoSymbol.gif

60 Fotey.gif Fotey Alcohol No No
61 NoSymbol.gif

62 NoSymbol.gif

63 NoSymbol.gif

64 NoSymbol.gif

65 NoSymbol.gif

66 NoSymbol.gif

67 NoSymbol.gif

68 NoSymbol.gif

69 NoSymbol.gif

70 NoSymbol.gif

71 NoSymbol.gif

72 Small-Silver-Key.gif Small Silver Key Misc. No No
73 NoSymbol.gif

74 Name-Tag.gif Name Tag Misc. No No
75 Aquarium-Key.gif Aquarium Key Misc. No No
76 The-One-Beer.gif The One Beer Usable No No
77 Tall-Key.gif Tall Key Misc. No No
78 Grande-Key.gif Grande Key Misc. No No
79 Venti-Key.gif Venti Key Misc. No No
80 Amish-Highball.gif Amish Highball Mixed Drinks No No
81 Angry-Mother.gif Angry Mother Mixed Drinks No No
82 Bawling-Baby.gif Bawling Baby Mixed Drinks No No
83 Gin-%26-Juice.gif Gin & Juice Mixed Drinks No No
84 Centrifuge.gif Centrifuge Mixed Drinks No No
85 Dead-Man-Walking.gif Dead Man Walking Mixed Drinks No No
86 Erupting-Volcano.gif Erupting Volcano Mixed Drinks No No
87 Eye-Gouger.gif Eye Gouger Mixed Drinks No No
88 Filthy-Leprechaun.gif Filthy Leprechaun Mixed Drinks No No
89 Flaming-Hedgehog.gif Flaming Hedgehog Mixed Drinks No No
90 Full-Moon.gif Full Moon Mixed Drinks No No
91 Happy-Puppy.gif Happy Puppy Mixed Drinks No No
92 Hungry-Hippo.gif Hungry Hippo Mixed Drinks No No
93 Jolly-Gentleman.gif Jolly Gentleman Mixed Drinks No No
94 Purring-Kitty.gif Purring Kitty Mixed Drinks No No
95 Self-Immolation.gif Self Immolation Mixed Drinks No No
96 Sorrowful-Penguin.gif Sorrowful Penguin Mixed Drinks No No
97 Ten-Foot-Drop.gif Ten Foot Drop Mixed Drinks No No
98 The-Long-Walk.gif The Long Walk Mixed Drinks No No
99 Time-Traveler.gif Time Traveler Mixed Drinks No No
100 Lasso.gif Lasso Usable No No
101 Bow.gif Bow Usable No No
102 Jump-Rope.gif Jump Rope Usable No No
103 Pack-of-cigarettes.gif Pack of cigarettes Misc. No No
104 Atlas.gif Atlas Usable No No
105 Celery.gif Celery Ingredients No No
106 Dry-Ice.gif Dry Ice Ingredients No No
107 Fire.gif Fire Ingredients No No
108 Hair-of-the-Dog.gif Hair of the Dog Ingredients No No
109 Milk.gif Milk Ingredients No No
110 Tabasco.gif Tabasco Ingredients No No
111 Wonka-Bar-Wrapper.gif Wonka Bar Wrapper Ingredients Yes No
112 Sludge.gif Sludge Mixed Drinks No No
113 Golden-Ticket.gif Golden Ticket Misc. No No
114 Wonka-Letter.gif Wonka Letter Usable No No
115 Chocolate-Factory-Key.gif Chocolate Factory Key Misc. No No
116 Choco-Vision-Goggles.gif Choco-Vision Goggles Usable No Yes
117 Surveillance-Tape.gif Surveillance Tape Misc. No No
118 Zippo-Lighter.gif Zippo Lighter Usable No No
119 Gasoline.gif Gasoline Misc. No No
120 Loompa-Whistle.gif Loompa Whistle Usable No No
121 Bar-of-Soap.gif Bar of Soap Misc. No No
122 Soda-Water.gif Soda Water Ingredients No No
123 Rat-Wing.gif Rat Wing Misc. No No
124 Incriminating-Photographs.gif Incriminating Photographs Misc. No No
125 Everlasting-Gobstopper.gif Everlasting Gobstopper Misc. No No
126 Golden-Goose-Egg.gif Golden Goose Egg Misc. Yes No
127 Bottle-of-Lye.gif Bottle of Lye Misc. No No
128 Disappearing-Ink.gif Disappearing Ink Misc. No No
129 Huge-Ass-Diamond.gif Huge Ass Diamond Misc. No No
130 Empty-Cigarette-Pack.gif Empty Cigarette Pack Usable No No
131 Stack-of-Drivers-Licenses.gif Stack of Drivers Licenses Usable No No
132 Hammer.gif Hammer Misc. No No
133 Pink-Lawn-Flamingo.gif Pink Lawn Flamingo Misc. Yes No
134 Hoburbia-Map.gif Hoburbia Map Usable No No
135 Bar-B-Q-Grill.gif Bar-B-Q Grill Misc. Yes No
136 Empty-Keg.gif Empty Keg Misc. Yes No
137 Action-Comics-1.gif Action Comics 1 Misc. Yes No
138 The-Magna-Carta.gif The Magna Carta Misc. Yes No
139 Ming-Vase.gif Ming Vase Misc. Yes No
140 Purple-Heart.gif Purple Heart Misc. Yes No
141 Walkman.gif Walkman Misc. Yes No
142 Skateboard.gif Skateboard Misc. Yes No
143 Toothpuff.gif Toothpuff Misc. Yes No
144 Harvard-Degree.gif Harvard Degree Misc. Yes No
145 I-Love-You-Bracelet.gif I Love You Bracelet Misc. Yes No
146 VCR.gif VCR Misc. Yes No
147 Skull-Bong.gif Skull Bong Misc. Yes No
148 Gold-Watch.gif Gold Watch Misc. Yes No
149 Faberge-Egg.gif Faberge Egg Misc. Yes No
150 Fancy-Rims.gif Fancy Rims Misc. Yes No
151 Signed-Basketball.gif Signed Basketball Misc. Yes No
152 Dungeon-Security-Clearance-Badge.gif Dungeon Security Clearance Badge Usable No Yes
153 Crystal-Skull.gif Crystal Skull Misc. Yes No
154 Bar-of-Lead.gif Bar of Lead Misc. No No
155 Flashlight.gif Flashlight Misc. No No
156 Chocolate-Filled-Keg.gif Chocolate-Filled Keg Misc. Yes No
157 Prize-Winning-Yorkshire-Terrier.gif Prize-Winning Yorkshire Terrier Misc. Yes No
158 Plasma-Screen-TV.gif Plasma Screen TV Misc. Yes No
159 Bloody-Murray.gif Bloody Murray Mixed Drinks No No
160 Full-Access-Evil-Security-Badge.gif Full Access Evil Security Badge Misc. No No
161 Dossier.gif Dossier Usable No No
162 Canbodia-Map.gif Canbodia Map Usable No No
163 Bottle-of-Glue.gif Bottle of Glue Misc. No No
164 Anarchy-Patch.gif Anarchy Patch Misc. No No
165 Magnet.gif Magnet Misc. Yes No
166 Fake-ID.gif Fake ID Misc. No No
167 Aunt-Flo-Amaretto.gif Aunt Flo Amaretto Alcohol No No
168 Mutton-Chop-Scotch.gif Mutton Chop Scotch Alcohol No No
169 Homeless-Hennessy.gif Homeless Hennessy Alcohol No No
170 Lucky-Screwdriver.gif Lucky Screwdriver Misc. No No
171 Shot-of-Whiskey.gif Shot of Whiskey Alcohol No No
172 Shot-of-Tequila.gif Shot of Tequila Alcohol No No
173 Shot-of-Ruiners-Rum.gif Shot of Ruiner's Rum Alcohol No No
174 Bottle-of-Bernards-Barbaresco.gif Bottle of Bernard's Barbaresco Alcohol No No
175 Bottle-of-Two-Buck-Chuck.gif Bottle of Two Buck Chuck Alcohol No No
176 Old-Can-of-Soup-Stock.gif Old Can of Soup Stock Misc. No No
177 Garden-Shears.gif Garden Shears Misc. No No
178 NoSymbol.gif

179 Kings-Cup.gif King's Cup Usable No No
180 Decaf-Kahlua.gif Decaf Kahlua Alcohol No No
181 Olive.gif Olive Ingredients No No
182 Sweet-&-Sour.gif Sweet & Sour Ingredients No No
183 Jolly-Rancher.gif Jolly Rancher Ingredients No No
184 Orange-Juice.gif Orange Juice Ingredients No No
185 Everclear.gif Everclear Alcohol No No
186 Jagermeister.gif Jagermeister Alcohol No No
187 Hedgehog.gif Hedgehog Mixed Drinks No No
188 Tattoo-Flash-Book.gif Tattoo Flash Book Usable No No
189 Shrunken-Head.gif Shrunken Head Misc. Yes No
190 Stick.gif Stick Misc. No No
191 Lemon-Drop.gif Lemon Drop Alcohol No No
192 Buttery-Nipple.gif Buttery Nipple Alcohol No No
193 Canadian-Flag.gif Canadian Flag Alcohol No No
194 The-CMYK.gif The CMYK Alcohol No No
195 Five-Star-General.gif Five Star General Alcohol No No
196 Rainbow-Road.gif Rainbow Road Alcohol No No
197 Jack-Daniels.gif Jack Daniel's Alcohol No No
198 Irish-Cream.gif Irish Cream Alcohol No No
199 Abandoned-Motor.gif Abandoned Motor Misc. Yes No
200 Yiff-Whistle.gif Yiff Whistle Usable No No
201 Bundle-of-Dynamite.gif Bundle of Dynamite Misc. No No
202 Note-from-Sven.gif Note from Sven Usable No No
203 Huge-In-N-Out-order.gif Huge In-N-Out order Usable No No
204 Hacksaw.gif Hacksaw Usable No No
205 Meat-Pie-with-a-Hacksaw-in-it.gif Meat Pie with a Hacksaw in it Misc. No No
206 Foul-Smelling-bag.gif Foul Smelling Bag Misc. No No
207 Single-match-and-Match-book.gif Single match and Match Book Usable No No
208 Flaming-bag-of-something-awful.gif Flaming Bag of Something Awful Misc. No No
209 Cardboard-Box.gif Cardboard Box Usable No No
210 Eggnog.gif Eggnog Alcohol No No
211 Tickle-Me-Hobo.gif Tickle Me Hobo Usable Yes No
212 Xmas-Ornaments.gif Xmas Ornaments Usable No No
213 Nutcracker.gif Nutcracker Usable No No
214 Xmas-Gift.gif Xmas Gift Usable No No
215 Green-Gift.gif Green Gift Usable No No
216 Red-Gift.gif Red Gift Usable No No
217 Blue-Gift.gif Blue Gift Usable No No
218 Purple-Gift.gif Purple Gift Usable No No
219 Yellow-Gift.gif Yellow Gift Usable No No
220 White-Gift.gif White Gift Usable No No
221 Orange-Gift.gif Orange Gift Usable No No
222 Packet-Of-Sugar.gif Packet of Sugar Usable No No
223 Kings-Kiddie-Cup.gif King's Kiddie Cup Usable No No
224 NoSymbol.gif

225 Rubbing-Alcohol.gif Rubbing Alcohol Alcohol No No
226 Thinking-Cap.gif Thinking Cap Usable No Yes
227 Ring-Setting.gif Ring Setting Misc. No No
228 Hobalt-Chunk.gif Hobalt Chunk Usable No No
229 Tapped-Keg.gif Tapped Keg Alcohol No No
230 Smarty-Pants.gif Smarty Pants Usable No Yes
231 Trick-or-Treat-Basket.gif Trick-or-Treat Basket Usable No No
232 Hobalt-Shard.gif Hobalt Shard Misc. No No
233 Pickaxe.gif Pickaxe Usable No Yes
234 Dynamite-Stick.gif Dynamite Stick Misc. No No
235 Bomb.gif Bomb Misc. No No
236 TNT.gif TNT Misc. No No
237 Plastic-Explosives.gif Plastic Explosives Misc. No No
238 Home.gif Home Usable No No
239 Care-Package.gif Care Package Usable No No
240 Green-Ore.gif Green Ore Misc. No No
241 White-Ore.gif White Ore Misc. No No
242 Yellow-Ore.gif Yellow Ore Misc. No No
243 Orange-Ore.gif Orange Ore Misc. No No
244 Red-Ore.gif Red Ore Misc. No No
245 Purple-Ore.gif Purple Ore Misc. No No
246 Pockets.gif Pockets Usable No Yes
247 Spelunking-Satchel.gif Spelunking Satchel Usable No Yes
248 NoSymbol.gif

249 Dynamite-Pouch.gif Dynamite Pouch Usable No Yes
250 Blast-Jacket.gif Blast Jacket Usable No Yes
251 Black-Ore.gif Black Ore Misc. No No
252 Open-Packet-Of-Sugar.gif Open Packet of Sugar Usable No No
253 Skill-Pack.gif Skill Pack Usable No No
254 Booze-Drip.gif Booze Drip Usable No Yes
255 Dreamcatcher.gif Dreamcatcher Usable No No
256 Rather-Large-Ruby.gif Rather Large Ruby Misc. Yes No
257 Champion-Package.gif Champion Package Usable No No
258 Raffle-Ticket.png Raffle Ticket Usable No No
259 Arena-Package.gif Arena Package Usable No No
260 Prison-Hooch.png Prison Hooch Mixed Drinks No No
261 Bath-Salts.gif Bath Salts Ingredients No No
262 Zombie-Survival-Package.gif Zombie Survival Package Usable No No
263 Rocket-Juice.gif Rocket Juice Alcohol No No
264 Sexy-Mother-Theresa-Costume.gif Sexy Mother Theresa Costume Misc. No No
265 Rat-Trough.gif Rat Trough Usable No No
266 Transylvania-Slammer.gif Transylvania Slammer Alcohol No No
267 Egyptini.gif Egyptini Alcohol No No
268 Spooky-Gift.gif Spooky Gift Usable No No
269 Robo-Hobo-Butler.gif Robo Hobo Butler Usable No No
269 NoSymbol.gif

270 Rusty-Butler.gif Rusty Butler Usable Yes No
271 NoSymbol.gif

272 NoSymbol.gif

273 NoSymbol.gif

274 NoSymbol.gif

275 NoSymbol.gif

276 NoSymbol.gif

278 NoSymbol.gif

279 NoSymbol.gif

280 NoSymbol.gif

281 NoSymbol.gif

282 NoSymbol.gif

283 NoSymbol.gif

284 NoSymbol.gif

285 NoSymbol.gif

286 NoSymbol.gif

287 NoSymbol.gif

288 NoSymbol.gif

289 NoSymbol.gif

290 NoSymbol.gif

291 NoSymbol.gif

292 NoSymbol.gif

293 NoSymbol.gif

294 NoSymbol.gif

295 NoSymbol.gif

296 NoSymbol.gif

297 NoSymbol.gif

298 NoSymbol.gif

299 NoSymbol.gif

300 NoSymbol.gif