Trick-or-Treat Basket

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Trick or Treat Basket
Category Backpack Item
Subcategory Usable
Version Availability HoboWars
Facebook HoboWars

The Trick or Treat Basket is a HoboWars special treat for the Halloween season/period. During that holiday period (roughly 2-3 days) hobos have a chance to find baskets throughout various parts of the game where T is used. These baskets can be opened immediately unlike the Christmas Presents. If you are a non-donator there is a chance your Trick or Treat Basket will be smashed :( resulting in no candy.

In order to open a Trick or Treat Basket, at least 5 empty spots in your trolly are required. Each basket gives 3-5 treats each time its opened. To open a basket, go into your Unusually Large Backpack and click on it.

List of Locations and Costs

Location Cost
HoboWars HoboWars2 Facebook HoboWars HoboArena
Halloween Time Chance at any T Usage Location! Chance at any T Usage Location! Chance at any T Usage Location!

List of Possible Contents

Trick or Treat Baskets contain the following food items.

Possible Trick-or-Treat Basket Contents
Image Name Gains Status Effect Additional Information
-9999  !a -9999
Wonka-Bar.gif Wonka Bar +3 Awake

Rainbow-Drop.gif Rainbow Drop +7 Awake Red Tongue,
Green Tongue,
Blue Tongue,
or Indigo Tongue

Semi-Lasting-Gobstopper.gif Semi-Lasting Gobstopper +7 Awake Semi-Lasting Energization
Sweet-Bomb.gif Sweet Bomb +25 Awake Sweetness
Blueberry-Blast-Jelly-Beans.gif Blueberry Blast Jelly Beans +5 Awake Blueberry Breath
Junior-Mints.gif Junior Mints +21 Awake Curious Strength
Red-Hots.gif Red Hots +10 Awake Red Tongue
Gummi-Gorilla.gif Gummi Gorilla +7 Awake Gorilla Strength
Gummi-Peregrine-Falcon.gif Gummi Peregrine Falcon +7 Awake Falcon Speed
Gummi-Raptor.gif Gummi Raptor +7 Awake Raptor Power
Quantum-Candy.gif Quantum Candy +6 Awake Interdimensionality
Gummi-Spaghetti-Monster.gif Gummi Spaghetti Monster +5 Awake Noodly Awesomeness
Candy-Cigarette.gif Candy Cigarette +1 Awake

Bacon-Blast-Jelly-Beans.gif Bacon Blast Jelly Beans +5 Awake Bacon Breath
SARS-Bar.gif SARS Bar* +15 Awake SARS
Hobowarheads.gif Hobowarheads* +10 Awake Hobowarrior
Mop-Rocks.gif Mop Rocks* +10 Awake Mop Head
ICPeanut-Butter-Cup.gif ICPeanut Butter Cup* +15 Awake Magnetism
Sugarfree-Gum.gif Sugarfree Gum* +10 Awake Pearly Whites
Kit-Rat-Bar.gif Kit Rat Bar* +20 Awake Chocorat
Butlerfinger.gif Butlerfinger* +10 Awake
Gives you 5 Bernard's Credits upon consumption.
Life-Savers.gif Life Savers* +25 Awake
Fully restores your HP upon consumption.
Pay-Day.gif Pay Day* +20 Awake
Yields a sizable amount of cash upon consumption.
Candycorn.gif Candycorn* +20 Awake

Sourpatch-Bums.gif Sourpatch Bums* +10 Awake
+2 Spd, Pow, Str

L&Ls.gif L&Ls* +10 Awake
+3 Pow/Str/Spd

Red L&Ls give you power.
Green L&Ls give you strength.
Blue L&Ls give you speed.
Apple-Surprise.gif Apple Surprise* +25 Awake
Reduces your HP to zero upon consumption.
Death-Mints.gif Death Mints* +10 Awake Zombified Reduces your HP to zero upon consumption.
Blow-Up-Pop.gif Blow-Up Pop* +10 Awake Kablooie
Peppermint-Burger-Patties.gif Peppermint Burger Patties* +20 Awake Minty Beef Breath
Rock-Candy.gif Rock Candy* +10 Awake Like A Rock
Death-By-Chocolate.gif Death By Chocolate* +25 Awake
Infects you with Hobola upon first consumption.
Twozzlers.gif Twozzlers* +10 Awake Double You
Spooky-Biscuit.gif Spooky Biscuit* +15 Awake
Cannot be consumed.
Transforms any rat its fed to.
9999  !z 9999

* These candy items are exclusive to the Trick-or-Treat Basket