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Christmas Presents

During a select few days of this event, you have a chance to find a random gift any time you use awake. Although the type of gift received is random, the colors tend to favor areas that are similar to their reward. Meaning that begging gives a higher ratio of purple gifts and training stats favors green gifts. As a bonus to opening ANY color X-Mas Gift, you have a small chance of receiving a food stamp or a Dreidel. While gifts can only be gained in this short time, you can open them any time throughout the year.

Naughty players, aka non-donators, have a chance of receiving coal instead of gifts. Sadly the coal is immediately thrown away, making it worse than useless.

Image Name Prizes Information
Red-Gift.gif Red Gift Cash, Points, Donator days
Blue-Gift.gif Blue Gift +1 to Power, Strength, Speed, and Intel The intel bonus will not increase your Intelligence past the hard caps:

Hobowars 1 & 2: 2,500 intel ; Facebook HoboWars: 150 intel.

Yellow-Gift.gif Yellow Gift Tickle Me Hobo Pawnable Item at the Pawn Shop
Green-Gift.gif Green Gift Xmas Ornaments +1 towards your current University score. Lasts 12 hours from time of use.
Orange-Gift.gif Orange Gift Eggnog A mixed drink that increases your speed, power, strength, beg and intelligence stats.
The intel bonus will not increase your Intelligence past the hard caps.
The beg bonus will not increase your Begging past the soft-hard caps.
Purple-Gift.gif Purple Gift Gingerbread Bum Gives +25 Awake and the Gingerbread Breath status effect that temporarily increases your begging income by 25% and your begging experience by 40%.
White-Gift.gif White Gift Nutcracker Uses your 100 turns to explore the city for cash & cans. Explore effects, such as the Shoegazer status effect and the Cantastic tattoo apply to the Nutcracker. (Ignores food)
Dreidel.gif Dreidel Some gifts may also contain a Dreidel which can be activated in your Backpack to gain one of four bonuses that last until the next reset, These are: +10% cash from begging, +5% stat gains from training, +5% experience from fighting, or +3 awake from eating each meal. Dreidel effects do not stack on each other, so if you spin more than once per reset you replace whatever you had before.