The Short Bus

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The first portal to the main Adventures, namely Second City Adventures, The Short Bus is the sole connection between the City and Second City. Upon first attempt to board, you will find the need to obtain a Bus Pass to ride in it. You will also require obtaining a City Map to get off at your destination.

Bus Pass

In order to reach Second City to begin the Second City Adventures, you must first obtain the Bus Pass. Depending on the version, and if you participated in the Intro Adventures or not determines how you obtain the Bus Pass.

Intro Adventures

If you participated in the Intro Adventures on HoboWars or HoboWars2 versions, you are given the Bus Pass from Duncan upon completing the last mandatory task.

No Intro Adventures

If you are playing Facebook HoboWars or HoboArena, or you skipped the Intro Adventure set on HoboWars or HoboWars2, you need to fight and defeat the Arena Fighter Jack Skunk. When you defeat him, he drops the Bus Pass.

City Map

Once you obtain the Bus Pass and hop onboard, you must obtain the City Map before you finally arrive at Second City. This is done by either fighting, begging, or attempting to pickpocket a map from somebody. No one option is better than the others. If you fail to obtain the Map, try again. Eventually you will obtain the City Map and be granted access to Second City.