Nursing Home

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The Nursing Home is located in Hoburbia and is the main entry point of the Hoburbia Adventures days where you'll meet with Grandpa Joe, an obvious parody of the Willy Wonka story. This is also the location where you can redeem your Wonka Bar Wrappers for various prizes at the Internet Room.

Internet Room

The internet gives your hobo the ability to surf the internet highway. Sadly its strict parental controls only let you check to see if your Wonka Bar Wrappers are winners. You will always receive your "Lucky Numbers" when you check your wrapper. Listed below are the known prizes you can win.

Possible Prizes
Cash $1,000 $10,000 $100,000
Tokens 10 100 1,000
Cans 10 100
Other Golden Ticket Old Rat 1 Food Stamp
(HoboArena only)

Lucky Numbers

Lucky Numbers are used in various locations throughout the remainder of the Hoburbia Adventures and Canbodia Adventures when you need coordinates to find things. Our suggestion is copy/paste this info into your private journal in your living area so you can easily look them up whenever you need them as Lucky Numbers are unique to each hobo.