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At the playground you can buy Equipment thats not available at any other place within the game.

The playground is occupied mainly by hobos drinking beer out of paper bags. There is only one kid around, hanging out in the sandbox. You walk over to him and notice tattoos all over his arms and weapons laid out in the sandbox...

Tattooed Kid: Welcome to the Sandbox Armory. Can I interest you in anything?

Sandbox Armory

Image Name Stats Cost ($)
Thors-Hammer.gif Thor's Hammer +1000 Attack $25,000,000
Symbiote.gif Symbiote -1000 Damage $25,000,000
Excalibur.gif Excalibur +1100 Attack $30,250,000
Iron-Man-Armor.gif Iron Man Armor -1100 Damage $30,250,000
Power-Glove.gif Power Glove +1200 Attack $36,000,000
Bad-to-the-Bone-T-Shirt.gif Bad to the Bone T-Shirt -1200 Damage $36,000,000
Blaster.gif Blaster +1400 Attack $49,000,000
Eagle-Shirt.gif Eagle Shirt -1400 Damage $49,000,000

Ring Trade

Tattooed Kid: I've recently begun collecting rings and would be willing to trade with you if you have any.

Special Rings
Image Name Trade-In Value
Onion-Ring.gif Onion Ring Silver Ring + Hobalt
Rodent-Ring.gif Rodent Ring Gold Ring + Hobalt
Respect-Ring.gif Respect Ring Plastic Ring + Hobalt
Green-Lantern-Ring.gif Green Lantern Ring Metal Ring + Hobalt
Ring-Pop.gif Ring Pop Plastic Ring + Hobalt
Beggar-Ring.gif Beggar Ring Gold Ring + Hobalt
Fight-Club-Ring.gif Fight Club Ring Plastic Ring + Hobalt
Kobayashi-Ring.gif Kobayashi Ring Plastic Ring + Hobalt
Livestrong-Ring.gif Livestrong Ring Metal Ring + Hobalt
Hybrid-Ring.gif Hybrid Ring 5 Points
Normal Rings
Image Name Trade-In Value
Plastic-Ring.gif Plastic Ring 13 Points
Metal-Ring.gif Metal Ring 18 Points
Silver-Ring.gif Silver Ring 23 Points
Gold-Ring.gif Gold Ring 28 Points
Gold-Ring-with-Diamond.gif Gold Ring with Diamond 38 Points