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My Hobos

HoboWars 1: {AK} Yosh (402060) - Game Tester and Wiki Editor

Hobowars 2: Secretary Yosh (69927) - I log in about once a day for any testing/checking of bugs. Mail me if you need my attention.

Facebook HW: Secretary Yosh (8311) - Secretary, Game Tester, and Wiki Editor

HoboArena Accounts: Tetser Secretary Yosh (8) - Main account linked to HW1 FB Yosh (9) - Account linked to FBHW. I log in very seldomly, so contact the above account if urgent. HW2 Yosh (163) - Account linked to HW2. I log into this one even less so same thing...


I'm mostly here for sake of helping to edit and fine-tune pages.

If you need any assistance in understanding something, feel any information is incorrect, or see something that needs to be done, please feel free to contact me in-game and I'll look into it.

I am also a game tester, which means I can go through and look for problems with new updates as well as past and current gameplay areas. So if you think something looks hinky and want to confirm the game is working correctly, you can give me a shout and I'll check it for you.

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