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FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. Thus, the following is a list of questions frequently asked in the game, along with their answers.

Read this article; you might learn something.

Common Questions

  • I'm new, what do I do?
Read the Beginners Guide
  • What are tokens used for?
Tokens are part of cart racing.
  • How do I get in a gang?
You can apply to a gang or be invited.
City -> Gangs Alley -> List Known Gangs -> (Gang) -> Apply
You will receive a news message letting you know if you have been accepted or denied to a gang. Generally, you do not want to mail gang leadership daily to ask about your application status. It would be reasonable after a few days to a week to send a message asking the status, although your results may vary gang to gang.
Post in the "Want to join a gang?" or "Touring Thread" threads on the Gang Chatter Board.
  • What do rats do?
Check the Rats page.
  • I have a question that isn't answered anywhere in the Tutorial. What do I do?
Post in the Information Desk Board People should be able to help you there.
  • Why does everyone react negatively to me on the message boards and in mails?
Make sure that you use real words and you make an attempt to sound like an intelligent human being. If your message board comments and mails sound like the following, you need to change your ways.

Questions You Shouldn't Ask

  • WRONG: WUT R TOKNS USD 4?????????
CORRECT: I'm still confused after reading the tutorial. Exactly how are tokens used?
  • WRONG: PLOX CN I B IN UR GANG!!!!!!!!!!
CORRECT: I'm looking to join a gang. I've already submitted an application but I still have not heard anything. I was wondering if it seems likely that I will be able to join your gang.
  • WRONG: Can you give me some money!?!?!
CORRECT: (You should have said nothing. Earn your money through real Begging.)

Noob Questions

As a reward for reading through the FAQ, here are some Chat dialogs documenting questions that no one should have really asked, along with some snarky replies. Some are quite funny.

The names have been edited to protect the innocent. However, the noob players are always designated as Hobo N or a variation of that.

Please don't be Hobo N. For the love of God, please.

Hobo N: fuck how do i play
Hobo V: no shit.
Hobo L: engrish prease
Hobo V: bramm ^^^click
Hobo V: nn*
Hobo V: yo lax
Hobo N: fuck u all
Hobo V:
Hobo F: No, fuck YOU all.
Hobo L: Hmm. Good way to get advice
Hobo L: nipple hair
Hobo V: asswipe for the lose.
Hobo K:
Hobo K: Hey lovers.
Hobo L: Level: 1 Money: $10 = Phail.
Hobo V: <~~will maintain my status as an arrogant asshole who refuses to help noobs

Hobo N: do you guys know how much points go for on the points market?
Hobo V: Hobo N, how about looking for yourself?
Hobo P: Hobo N, go look, but around 160k last time i checked
Hobo V: did that thought ever cross your synapses???
Hobo N: oh, just wondering
Hobo V: christ....it's two clicks

Hobo N: I ate a Double-Double an hour ago and I still have 100 awake.
Hobo V: idiot, you're wasting your double double
Hobo N: I had 0 awake.
Hobo V: this is why you should read the tutorial

Hobo N1: Hello I am new to the game .. Already I cree account and logging me as I start playing? Help
Hobo S: hit this blue button ^^
Hobo S: ya
Hobo N1: Hobo S
Hobo N1: hablas español?
Hobo A: Hai hobos
Hobo V: Read the Tutorial. It can answer 99% of any questions you might have.
Hobo S: no
Hobo N1: Ya me loguee Hobo S como hago para entrar a jugar? help
Hobo N2: y
Hobo S: but it doesnt help if you cant read english
Hobo V: monet, like the painter?
Hobo N2: MONEY
Hobo S: You transferred Hobo N2 10 Monet's
Hobo S: ebay those bitches, they are worth money
Hobo N1: As I come to play?
Hobo V: Hobo N2, perhaps mailing andy will net you some money
Hobo S: no habla espanol
Hobo V: not get, net
Hobo S: sorry
Hobo N1: Hobo S me estas hablando en español ^^
Hobo N1: como hago para entrar a jugar?
Hobo S: what does that mean
Hobo V: Hobo N1, click ths for help. <~~~click
Hobo V: that is the help guide.
Hobo V: fuck you too
Hobo S: hahha
Hobo V: even when i try to be helpful

Hobo N1: can any1 help me how the fuck do u fite!!!!!!!!!
Hobo AX: anyone thats bored should go to my profile and comment my new tattoo picture
Hobo HD: >You're kidding me! I ain't sellin' my cans for 521 lousy dollars!
Hobo V: Hobo N1, read the dictionary, and then read the tutorial
Hobo J: oh shit dont go off on him Hobo V
Hobo AX: Hobo N1 go to "battle" while your alive and attack hobos around your level
* Hobo HD goes in a corner and cries at the failure *
Hobo PE: lol@Hobo HD
Hobo N1: i tried attackin but it jus saiz alode of shit about wat happens
Hobo N1: Hobo V shut the fuck up im not talkin to u
Hobo N2: i need to rest and have no cart wat do i do?
Hobo V: u is a letter. don't be incompetent.
Hobo N2: hi
Hobo V: Wat is an Ethiopian dish.
Hobo N2: hi
Hobo P: Hobo N1, i guess you skipped education and went straight to mugging?
Hobo N1: ure mum was incomplete last nite
Hobo N2: hi
Hobo V: read the tutorial
Hobo T: wut u mene?
Hobo N1: no i went straight to shagin ure mum
Hobo H: Hobo V, your mom was incomplete?
Hobo C: Hobo N1, I don't check it every second of the day. It might take a while for me to respond.
Hobo I: noi c u lol
Hobo V: i didn't say incomplete...i said INCOMPETENT