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The HoboWeekly is the official HoboWars newspaper. The HoboWeekly has been around twice in the history of HoboWars. Back in 2006, a group of staff, along with some ordinary hobos came together to write articles for the rest of the hobo population's entertainment. It was later removed from service when there was not enough support for it. It was later revived in 2012 and is still currently in production by a group of Ace Reporters.

Currently, the HoboWeekly is only available for viewing from HoboWars. There is no newspaper on HoboWars2, Facebook, or HoboArena. All issues of the HoboWeekly are available for viewing from Government House.

The History of the HoboWeekly

The HoboWeekly began its circulation around 2006. It was spear-headed by a small handful of hobos and was initially released on a semi-weekly basis. Articles varied from everything to talk about events of the day to "The Blotter", a recap of staff's dealings with the stupidest of the jailed persons.

Articles 1 - 18

The opening articles provided a vast array of articles. The first couple of articles were released with much enthusiasm, but the articles became more and more closer to simple extensions of some of the board threads of the time.

The release of issue #13 was a turning point in HoboWeekly history. An article, written by Plays, about pornography stirred up much heated discussion on the main boards. Members of the hobo community were divided: some believed it was a very inappropriate topic to be featured in the paper (as the game permits young adults under the age of 18 to play), while others felt censorship should not be an issue. This, in turn, led to critiques of the writers themselves. Feeling they were being personally attacked, editors asked the community if they could do any better. Issue #14 featured only anonymous articles, which were voted on after publication. HoboWeekly contributors also began signing their pieces from "Editorial Staff," which can be seen in issue #15. This was the beginning of the end for the paper itself, though, as editors no longer felt the motivation they had once had. Publications became less frequent thereafter.

The HoboWeekly made a slight resurgence for three additional issues, until it ceased its operations after the Gang Holiday Story Competition in issue #18. Lack of contributors, leadership and motivation are believed to be the factors that led to its demise.

There was a lot of people interested in writing articles, but after only 18 editions in only 2 years, there was almost nobody willing to write anymore at a consistent pace that the paper production as pulled and the end of the paper.

List of Editors

There was a number of hobos that helped to write articles! Here is all of recorded names of people that helped write. Note, this list does NOT include any of the staff members that helped write and edit the paper.

  • Doody
    • Resigned.
  • Engineer
  • The Editor
    • Originally an account created by the game admin to be used to collect articles from the editors. Other editors have since taken over the duties and The Editor is no longer used.
  • Majorhobo
    • An Editor from issues 1 through 8. He became busy with real life and was no longer interested in writing for the paper.
  • ROH
  • Jdizzle
  • ADL
  • Sinsonido King
  • DenT
  • Shopaholic
  • PlayswitSquirrels
  • ۶Plazmik
  • Pirate™
  • Chelle
  • Scalpy

The Intermission Period

During the writing of the paper, there was no way to review old editions, but sometime in the intermission a link was made so everyone could go back and check out all of the old editions at the Government House - Box & Papers.

There was several attempts through the years to get the paper revived, but simply not enough people that warrant serious talk about bringing it back. Some individuals really pushed to continue the paper. One even went so far as to create his own version of the HoboWeekly. You can find Legero's (1003292), and his contributors, editions at http://hoboweekly.blogspot.com/

The Revival of the HoboWeekly

It wasn't until 2012 when the HoboWeekly made its reappearance. Issue #19 continued to report on HoboWars events, however, new sections were added, expanding the overall purpose and readability of the paper. Since then, the paper has continued its publications on a monthly basis.

Articles 19 and beyond

Now-a-days, reporters using their writing skills to create a mixture of fact and fiction articles revolving around both the hobo world and real life. There is a fair amount of creativity brought to the table and the reception is generally warm by the community. New editions to the paper are created about once a month.

Currently only HoboWars players can view the paper, though there was a suggestion to have other versions be able to view the paper as well.

More Pending as more papers are writen...

Current List of Writers and Editors

In the past, those that worked on the newspaper were given a Editor title. During the intermission period, the title was removed and reused for another purpose, so a new title was created. Today, Ace Reporters are the writers and editors of the paper. In addition to Ace Reporters; Wiki Editors, Tetsers, and Secretaries help in the writing and editing of the paper.

The individuals that are currently involved are:
(List Last updated on 5/20/13)

Secretary (Pieman) ℑules (1051247)

Current List of Writers:
Mental Max |54| ☯
(Pieman) ℑules
*RA* Baltasar
Shadow Dreams
|54| Woodie
[CrAzY] Chelle R50|S150

Current List of Editors:
~§~ GraveDigger GONE
Mental Max |54| ☯
(Pieman) St. Anky
(Pieman) ℑules
Sunshine Cake

[CrAzY] Chelle R50|S150
¤Jack Reacharound¤

How Do I Become an Ace Reporter!

You feel like you have writing or editing capacity to become an Ace Reporter? Please mail Secretary ℑules (HW1 ID 1051247) and notify her you would like to contribute as an editor, writer or HTML coder. We are always looking for new contributors!