Sluts and Rapes

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There are two ways to make quick cash or to level up on this game, but like most shortcuts it has it's downsides.

What are Sluts and Rapes?

  • Sluts and rapes are services one can buy from another hobo in order to gain experience from someone who agrees to be beaten unconscious.
  • A slut is where a hobo pays another hobo to attack them and lose on purpose. Since “sluts” cost the player who is performing the slut awake, they tend to be more expensive than rapes if sold by the same seller.
  • A rape is where a hobo pays another hobo to heal in order for the paying hobo to attack them and win. The purchasing player uses their own T to attack, resulting in rapes being more affordable in general.
  • Rapes and sluts may be paid for either before or after the battle, though it is preferred by sellers that first time buyers pay in advance.

Penguin Sluts

  • A penguin slut is a variation of a slut where the seller typically has higher stats than the purchaser, and therefor would beat them in a regular fight. The slut is achieved by the purchaser drinking a mixed drink called the Sorrowful Penguin. After drinking the Sorrowful Penguin, the drinker received 11-15 minutes of being sorrowful. This allows for the first three attacks by someone who wins against the drinker to lose and the timer is decreased by 5 minutes. Penguin sluts are the most expensive type of slut because the person who sells them generally are fighters that take pride in their high win percentage, which allows for greater experience.

Prepaid Sluts & Rapes

  • Prepaid sluts and rapes are usually purchased by gangs as an incentive to their fighters to continue leveling. Prepaids are usually tracked either on the sellers journal and/or in a thread on the gang's message board.
  • Due to prepaids being tracked, it is typically not acceptable to use more than a few each reset, as this takes away from your fellow gang members. If you wish to use additional services, it is typically suggested that you purchase your own for personal use.

Finding Sellers

  • The most common way to find sellers is to run a battle search for s50k, s100k, r10k, r50k, or some other variation, depending on level and how much the sellers charge. Most people who sell rapes or sluts will list their prices in their name.
  • Do some price comparison when you are looking for rape/slut sellers. The higher the level and win% the more experience you will get when you attack them. It's important to factor in the various exp taxes & bonuses when comparing sellers and their prices.

Taxes and Bonuses

Depending on the losers win%, side placement, gang, and the number of battles you've had with them during the current reset, the experience gained from defeating them fluctuates. All taxes and bonuses stack with each other. The same side tax can be avoided if you have the Green Card and are the attacker.

  • Experience Bonuses
    • Exp increased by 60%. [Win percent 90%+]
    • Exp increased by 45%. [Win percent 80%+]
    • Exp increased by 35%. [Win percent 70%+]
  • Slut Taxes
    • Exp decreased by 35%. [Win percent 30% or lower]
    • Exp decreased by 45%. [Win percent 20% or lower]
    • Exp decreased by 60%. [Win percent 10% or lower]
  • Multiple Hit Taxes (resets at each reset and is capped at 80%)
    • Exp decreased by 20%. [4th battle]
    • Exp decreased by 40%. [5th battle]
    • Exp decreased by 60%. [6th battle]
    • Exp decreased by 80%. [7th battle]
  • Misc Taxes
    • Exp decreased by 45%. [Same side tax]
    • Exp decreased by 15%. [Same gang tax]

Rape Stealing

  • In general, it is rude to attack the same player more than 3 times per reset. However, when the person being attacked is a rape seller with a price in their name, attacking more than 3 times per reset without paying is considered stealing by most players.
  • Repeatedly rape stealing may get you hitlisted or bountied by the seller and/or their gang.

Becoming a Seller

Before you become a rape or slut seller, answer the question of whether you are a beggar or a fighter. In general, if you are a beggar you won’t care about your win% so you can choose to do both rapes and sluts. If however you are a fighter, in general you would only want to sell sluts and penguin sluts in order to preserve your win percentage for a longer period.

General Suggestions

  • Level your hobo. This allows for a greater base of customers, but you will also be able to charge more due to the higher experience given.
  • Find a good price by using the battle search. Remember to take into account the fact that you may be starting with a high win percentage, so you may be able to price higher than others because you give more experience.
  • Make a rape/slut journal with the following information:
    • Your stats.
    • Your prices.
    • Whether you have a ring and wear it in general.
    • Whether you have a rat and its stats.
  • Make sure to put your price in your name.
  • For slut sellers, you can be more proactive about finding customers by doing battle searches for “buying” or “sluts.” Many slut purchasers will put “buying sluts” in their name.
  • Since most slut sellers will not purchase sluts while you are on her side, you might want to keep a list of former/potential purchasers in your private journal.
  • For slut customers who would like a set number of sluts per reset, the best way is to add the purchaser to your hitlist and slut them if they are alive.

Suggestions for Beggars

  • Level as high as you can with your current funds or gang prepaids, if your gang provides them.
  • Train stats as little as possible, except so that you can defeat other sellers in order to continue leveling.
  • You have the option of selling both rapes and sluts, so take advantage of this.

Suggestions for Fighters

  • Only sell sluts and not rapes, as rapes tend to be more popular and your win percentage will suffer.
  • Limit the number of sluts you sell per reset, for the same reason as above.
  • Price your sluts accordingly so you are competitive with similar sellers and can maintain your win percentage while gaining some money on the side.