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These Terms and Conditions (“TAC”) may be altered at any time at the discretion of the Hellbored Pty Ltd ACN 111 157 852 as Trustee (“Hellbored”). Such changes will be presented at log-on however, each player should at all times be aware of their obligations pursuant to the TAC at all times. Failure to comply with the TAC may result in the immediate deletion of the player’s account. These TAC cover all accounts including players with "donator" status.

Game Law

Pursuant to game law, players agree to follow all Game Rules and laws. The game rules and laws may be accessed by clicking on “Rules” on the home page of this site. Failure to adhere to Game Law may result in the immediate deletion of the player’s account.


Hellbored does not guarantee connectivity.

Age Requirements

This game is not intended for persons under 13 years of age. Some content may be inappropriate for young children. By clicking on the "Process Signup" button at the bottom of the signup page you are stating that you are thirteen years or older.

Intellectual Rights

Any individual who attempts to reverse, engineer, hack, gain unauthorized entry into or undermine the system integrity of this site (including attempting to access any internal part of the game from an offsite location) will have their account(s) removed from game play and any future accounts closed. Such incidents will be legally followed through with the fullest extent of the law.

Terminating Your Account

Individuals who no longer wish to play the game may terminate their accounts by not logging into their accounts. Players will be deleted after 62 days of inactivity.

User Generated Content

To the extent that portions of this site provide users an opportunity to post and/or exchange information and/or ideas, and opinions (“postings”) in chat rooms and message boards and via private mail, and in descriptions of gangs, please be advised that postings do not necessarily reflect the views of Hellbored. Although Hellbored may periodically monitor exchanged and posted information, in no event does Hellbored assume or have any responsibility or liability for any postings or any claims, damages or losses resulting from their use and/or appearance on or in conjunction with this site or elsewhere. Players are solely responsible for the content of their messages and postings, however, Hellbored reserves the right to edit, delete or refuse to post any postings that violate these TAC as well as revoke the privileges of any player who does not comply with the TAC.

Operational Interferences

The players agree to not, through use of software or other means, interfere with site operation and page content. Any automated software written to interact with the game is strictly forbidden. Players agree to follow the administrated requests and instructions. Interference with this site and or failure to follow administrated requests and instructions may result in the immediate deletion of the player’s account.

Payments Etc.

The Players agree that any payments tied to their account is charged back or refunded and they wish to continue to playing, they will need to pay a fee of $50.00 AUD per charge/revoke. Once a charge is made to an account, that charge cannot be switched to another account. Make sure all orders are placed to the proper account.

Force Majeure

Hellbored shall not be responsible for any failure to perform its obligations under this Agreement, connectivity, loss of account information, if such failure is caused by events or conditions beyond Hellbored’s reasonable control.


Any dispute arising in connection with the validity, interpretation, implementation or performance of the TAC shall be at the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Queensland, Australia. The TAC are exclusively governed by the laws of Queensland, Australia.


Other sections of the game may have its own rules such as the chat rooms. These rules are in addition to the TAC and do not replace the TAC. Violation of these rules are considered to be a violation of the TAC and will be dealt with accordingly. Players should familiarize themselves with all Game Rules before playing. Failure to be familiar with the game rules and or TAC is not an excuse for breaking them and will not be accepted as a defense of your account.