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Facial Hair



  • Both Genders
    • Goth Legs
    • Pirate Legs

  • Male Legs
    • Generic Pants 1 - 8
    • Chewbacca Legs
    • Fallout Legs
    • Ghostbuster Legs
    • He Man Legs
    • Kratos Legs
    • Red Master Chief Legs
    • Green Master Chief Legs
    • Blue Master Chief Legs
    • Mortal Kombat Ermac Legs
    • Mortal Kombat Noob Legs
    • Mortal Kombat Rain Legs
    • Mortal Kombat Reptile Legs
    • Mortal Kombat Scorpions Legs
    • Mortal Kombat Smoke Legs
    • Mortal Kombat Subzero Legs
    • Pedo Bear Legs
    • Star Trek Legs
    • Stormtrooper Legs
  • Female
    • Generic Pants 1 - 7
    • Chun-Li Legs
    • Black Jean Legs
    • Blue Jean Legs
    • Pink Jean Legs
    • Plaid Jean Legs
    • Tan Jean Legs
    • White Jean Legs
    • Leia Legs
    • Black Mini Legs
    • Blue Mini Legs
    • Red Mini Legs
    • Yellow Mini Legs
    • Peach Legs
    • Samus Legs
    • White Skirt Legs
    • Yellow Skirt Legs
    • Black Tight Legs
    • Blue Tight Legs
    • Green Tight Legs
    • Pink Tight Legs
    • White Tight Legs
    • Pink Tutu Legs
    • Black Tutu Legs


  • Male
    • Generic Shoes 1 - 10
    • Stormtrooper Shoes
    • Star Trek Shoes
    • Pedo Bear Shoes
    • Black Mortal Kombat Shoes
    • Red Master Chief Shoes
    • Green Master Chief Shoes
    • Blue Master Chief Shoes
    • Goth Shoes
    • Pirate Shoes
    • Kratos Shoes
    • He Man Shoes
    • Chewbacca Shoes
  • Female
    • Generic Shoes 1 - 12
    • Red Thigh High Shoes
    • Black Thigh High Shoes
    • Yellow Sports Shoes
    • Black Sports Shoes
    • White Sports Shoes
    • Samus Shoes
    • Leia Shoes
    • Goth Shoes
    • Pirate Shoes
    • Fuzzy Pink Shoes
    • Fuzzy Blue Shoes
    • Chun-Li Shoes
    • White Bow Shoes
    • Red Bow Shoes
    • Black Bow Shoes


  • Both Genders
    • Boomstick
    • Katana
    • Shoulder Cannon
    • Pink Wings
    • Backpack
    • Black Wings
    • White Wings
    • Skeletal Wings
  • Male Only
    • Doc Ock
    • Proton Pack
    • Red Dinosaur Tail
    • Green Dinosaur Tail
    • Red Cape
    • Black Cape
  • Female Only
    • Pink Butterfly
    • White Butterfly

Ever wish that you could change your hobo's picture to something unique and different? Well you can't. At least not using these clothes and accessories listed here. These have been replace for newer clothing.

If you are a donator, under your hobo's picture in your living area, there will be a link to change the clothes that he is wearing.

There are four different facets of the character that can be changed: Head, Body, Legs, and Feet. Each hobo's character is visible when you look at their profile. Below are the images & names of the body parts currently available.

New Character Body Parts

Skin Tone

skin1.gif White skin2.gif Tan skin3.gif Brown


Under Construction...

Old Character Body Parts

These character body parts are no longer available. They are presented here for archival purposes.


head1.gif Default head2.gif Beard head3.gif Brown Afro head4.gif Moustache
head5.gif Sunnies head6.gif Sweat Band head7.gif Smoking head8.gif Spider-Man
head9.gif Jason Mask head10.gif Bowl head11.gif Paper Hat head12.gif Mohawk
head13.gif Blue Ninja head14.gif Pirate head15.gif Transformer head16.gif Rainbow Afro
head17.gif Happy Mask head18.gif Party Hat head19.gif Red Cap head20.gif White Cap
head21.gif Gray Cap head22.gif Bear Head head23.gif Light Gray Hat head24.gif Purple Hat
head25.gif Scouts Hat head26.gif Beanie head27.gif Aladin Hat head28.gif Stormtrooper
head29.gif Headphones head30.gif Glasses head31.gif Scary Clown head32.gif Asain
head33.gif Gray Moustache head34.gif Cowboy Hat head35.gif Pink Ninja head36.gif White Ninja
head37.gif Dark Brown Afro head38.gif Head 38 head39.gif Head 39 head40.gif Head 40
head41.gif Head 41 head42.gif Head 42 head43.gif Head 43 head44.gif Head 44
head45.gif Goatee head46.gif Gasmask head47.gif Pickelhaube head48.gif Mullet
head49.gif Bandanna head50.gif Bandito head51.gif Mexican Wrestler Mask head52.gif Lizardman
head53.gif Spiky Hair head54.gif Turban head55.gif Gladiator Helmet head56.gif Stunna Shades
head57.gif Blonde head58.gif Scream Mask head59.gif Long Hair/Beard head60.gif Goalie Mask
head61.gif Darkbrown Hair head62.gif Raptor head63.gif Guy Fawkes head64.gif Goth
head65.gif Beanie head66.gif Curly Hair (F) head67.gif Cat Ears (F)


body1.gif Default body2.gif Blue Suit body3.gif Dollar Sign body4.gif Hoddie
body5.gif Paper Bag body6.gif Gray T-shirt body7.gif Spider-Man body8.gif Gorilla Chest
body9.gif Blue Ninja body10.gif Vest body11.gif Transformer body12.gif White T-Shirt
body13.gif Peace Sign body14.gif Smile Face body15.gif Red T-Shirt body16.gif Red/Blue T-Shirt
body17.gif DC Sign body18.gif Office Shirt body19.gif Red/Black Stripes body20.gif Bear Body
body21.gif Super-Man body22.gif Alien?? body23.gif Stormtrooper body24.gif Apple Sign
body25.gif Red Star body26.gif Love Heart body27.gif Pink Ninja Suit body28.gif White Ninja Suit
body29.gif Pimp Suit body30.gif Singlet body31.gif Pastor body32.gif Body 32
body33.gif Body 33 body34.gif Body 34 body35.gif Body 35 body36.gif Body 36
body37.gif Body 37 body38.gif Body 38 body39.gif Body 39 body40.gif Body 40
body41.gif Body 41 body42.gif Body 42 body43.gif Body 43 body44.gif Body 44
body45.gif Army Shirt body46.gif Leather Jacket body47.gif T-Shirt over Long Sleves body48.gif Suspenders
body49.gif Lizardman body50.gif Gray Suit body51.gif Blue Tracksuit body52.gif Yellow Tracksuit
body53.gif Red Tracksuit body54.gif Thizz Shirt body55.gif Green Collar body56.gif Blue Collared
body57.gif Buttonup Shirt body58.gif Robe body59.gif Disco body60.gif V-Neck Blouse (F)
body61.gif Purple Tracksuit (F) body62.gif Green Tracksuit (F) body63.gif Gray Tracksuit (F) body64.gif Cat suit (F)
body65.gif Aqua Colarded (F) body66.gif White Dress (F) body67.gif Hoodie (F) body68.gif Shirt + Tie (F)
body69.gif Striped Shirt (F) body70.gif Office Shirt (F) body71.gif Corset (F)


legs1.gif Default Legs legs2.gif Ripped Jeans legs3.gif Work Jeans legs4.gif Blue Jeans
legs5.gif Baggy Pants legs6.gif Vanilla Shorts legs7.gif Spider-Man Pants legs8.gif Bike Shorts
legs9.gif Blue Ninja Pants legs10.gif Leprechaun Pants legs11.gif Transformer Legs legs12.gif Red Jeans
legs13.gif Gray Jeans legs14.gif Red Kilt legs15.gif Green Kilt legs16.gif Bear Legs
legs17.gif Super-Man Pants legs18.gif Stormtrooper Legs legs19.gif Pink Ninja Pants legs20.gif White Ninja Pants
legs21.gif Pimp Pants legs22.gif White Panties legs23.gif Black Miniskirt legs24.gif Green Skirt
legs25.gif Green Panties legs26.gif Pink Panties legs27.gif Legs Blue Skirt legs28.gif Pink Miniskirt
legs29.gif Blue Miniskirt legs30.gif Army Pants legs31.gif Rolled-Up Jeans legs32.gif Lizardman Legs
legs33.gif Suit Pants legs34.gif Blue Tracksuit legs35.gif Yellow Tracksuit legs36.gif Red Tracksuit
legs37.gif Pajamas legs38.gif Robe legs39.gif Disco legs40.gif Green Tracksuit
legs41.gif Gray Tracksuit legs42.gif White Dress legs43.gif Cat Suit (F) legs44.gif Pleated Skirt (F)
legs45.gif Purple Tracksuit


feet1.gif Default Feet feet2.gif Red Shoes feet3.gif Brown Shoes feet4.gif White Shoes
feet5.gif Thongs feet6.gif Spider-Man Shoes feet7.gif Blue Ninja Shoes feet8.gif Buckle Shoes
feet9.gif Transformer Feet feet10.gif Super-Man Shoes feet11.gif Slippers feet12.gif Bear Feet
feet13.gif Pink Ninja Shoes feet14.gif White Ninja Shoes feet15.gif Pimp Shoes feet16.gif Red Pointy Shoes (F)
feet17.gif Pink Pointy Shoes (F) feet18.gif Blue Pointy Shoes (F) feet19.gif Red Chucks feet20.gif Blue Chucks
feet21.gif Black Chucks feet22.gif Sambas feet23.gif Lizardman Feet feet24.gif Boots
feet25.gif Skateshoes feet26.gif Platform feet27.gif White Pointy Shoes (F) feet28.gif Heels (F)