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Activities That use T

The first thing that you should do when you first login at the start of everyday is to use some of your "T"(awake). Typically, when when you login your "T" will be completely filled. At this point the most beneficial thing that you can do is to reduce the amount of "T" that you have so that it can start building up again. What you do to use up your "T" depends a lot on what your current goal is in the game. Most often, your current goal will be either Training (Elementary, High School, or University), Begging, or Fighting. Depending on which one of these categories you fall into at the moment, your first move will vary.


This is the easiest one. Your first move should always be to train. If you happen to be training at someplace other than the Elementary School then you no longer have to take out some cash, as it will be deducted from your piggy bank automatically. See my guide on training for more info.


Soon after you start begging full-time (or even part-time if you are a fighter/begger), you will be pulling in fairly large sums of money. You do not want this hard (or not) earned money being taken away from you by someone who just comes by and beats you. It seems like this always happens at very inopportune times. You cannot attack another hobo when you do not have any life. Also, no one can attack you when you have no life. You are then safe while you have no life. You should try to have no life whenever you are handling large sums of money. This is the case for begging, training, playing the slot machine, purchasing weapons, buying points/tokens, etc. (See the section on Losing Life) Once you have no life left, feel free to beg and gain money as much as your little heart desires. The exception to this is once you have upgraded your begging level, as you will gain experience when you beg as long as you are alive. More information about begging can be found in the Begging section of this tutorial.


As a fighter, your first move should be to put any money that you have in the Piggy Bank. You never want to fight with cash on you because there is always a chance that you will lose. You don't want to add insult to injury by losing money twice (once at the end of the fight and once when you have to heal yourself). Fighting takes more time and research than other methods, but you can gain levels very quickly and make a fair bit of money while you are at it. What you should do as a fighter is covered in the section on Fighting.

Activities That Do Not Use T

Now that you have gotten your "T" bar all the way, or mostly down, you need to kill some time while it refills. There are a couple of things that you can now do to help yourself out while you are waiting for more "T".


The first thing is exploring the city. While this may be boring, it is also very beneficial. Not only can you find money and food, but you also find cans. After just a few levels you will find that the value of cans you find greatly surpasses the amount of straight cash that you find. Explore the city every chance that you get, and save those cans! A more in depth description of city exploring is here.
After exploring, you should go to Walmart and buy some KFC meals. There is no reason why you would ever want to buy/eat anything else. This game takes enough time as it is, you might as well hurry things up as much as possible. With a little good luck, you will have found some KFC meals while exploring, and you won't have to buy as many.


Second, every day you should play the slot machine. The slot machine is a great source of money and despite what Las Vegas has taught you. It is easy to strike it rich. You should have enough money to always play all rows and columns ($100 per play). This means that you need to have over $5,000 to help you through the times when you don't win it big. This kind of money is easy to come by if you sell some of the points that you received from the point offers. Remember to not have any life when you play the slot machine! I got burned by this about 4 times before I made a habit of being dead. That guy came away with around $2,500 every time. Lucky him, stupid me.


Lastly, if you have a rat (or two, or three) make sure that everyday you train or fight them. Just like training your hobo, your rat requires training to become powerful. Unlike your hobo, the only option in life for your rats is fighting. Because of this and their short life spans, you do not want to miss any opportunities to train your rat.
Training also includes fighting. Fighting is the only way for your rat to increase in levels. The only way to win fights is to train your rat. You can see how this all fits together.