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Located in the City, the Casino features several fantastic games for you to play. The highlighted activity is participating in lottos for the chance to win large sums of cash, points, tokens, and donator packs. So many great ways to win, its fun for the whole family*!
* Due to the immoral gambling activities permitted here, only hobo levels 12 and higher can enter.

Slot Machine

The slot machine is much more generous than real life gambling, as on average it tends to hand out more money than it takes in. Although you will not gain money every time you play, it is still advisable to play your 50 games every day.

Additionally, your current winnings for the day, your overall lifetime winnings, and your single highest win are all recorded and available for you to see whenever you visit the Casino.

You get 50 games per reset.
You have four betting options, the higher you pay, the higher chances you'll win:

  • $10 - First row will payout.
  • $20 - First and second rows payout.
  • $30 - All three rows payout.
  • $100 - All rows and columns payout.

For your convenience, here are the payouts of all of the winning combinations:



Blackjack is close to real-life blackjack tables. The rules are the same as anywhere else.

Get as close to 21 as you can without going over.

Card Value
Two 2
Three 3
Four 4
Five 5
Six 6
Seven 7
Eight 8
Nine 9
Ten 10
Jack 10
Queen 10
King 10
Ace 1 or 11
You and the dealer will be dealt two cards.
One of the dealers cards will be visible to you because it was dealt face up.
Before you can play you will have to place your bet which must be within the table limits.
Your Stats:
Games played: xx
Win Rate: xx.xx%

Table Limits:
$10 Minimum - $100,000 Maximum bets

Six decks in the shoe.
Can double down on any two cards.
No insurance.
Dealer stands on 17 and over.
Winning bets pay even money.
"Blackjack" pays three-to-two (3:2).

Lotto Land

Home to Doody's near annual Multi Millions Lotto event, Lotto Land is a place where you can create and manage your own lottos. This feature is unavailable on HoboArena.

For more information, please see the article on Lotto Land.

The Raffle Room

The Raffle Room is a feature exclusive to HoboArena, and deals with Raffle Tickets. You can purchase a Raffle Ticket for $1,000,000, with each subsequent purchase costing $1,000,000 more than the previous. You can trade in a Raffle Ticket to pull a prize from the mystery hat.
There are currently six known prizes:

Texas Hold 'Em

Exclusive to HoboWars, you can now play Texas Hold 'Em with your fellow hobos, in real-time!

In case you didn't know, Texas Hold 'Em is a variation of the standard card game of poker. The game consists of two cards being dealt face down to each player and then five community cards being placed by the dealer, a series of three then two additional single cards, with players having the option to check, bet, or fold after each deal.

Your primary goal of the game is to have the best hand by the end of the round.

For your convenience, here is the poker hand hierarchy:

Poker Hand Hierarchy
Rank #01 Royal Flush
A Ten, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace, all of the same suit.
s10.gif sj.gif sq.gif sk.gif s1.gif

Rank #02 Straight Flush
Five sequenced cards of the same suit.
h6.gif h7.gif h8.gif h9.gif h10.gif

Rank #03 Four of a Kind
Four cards of equal rank.
cj.gif sj.gif dj.gif hj.gif b2fv.gif

Rank #04 Full House
Three cards of equal rank along with two cards of equal rank.
c5.gif s5.gif h5.gif h8.gif d8.gif

Rank #05 Flush
Five cards of the same suit.
d4.gif d8.gif d1.gif dq.gif d10.gif
Rank #06 Straight
Five cards in a sequence.
d6.gif s7.gif d8.gif c9.gif c10.gif

Rank #07 Three of a Kind
Three cards of equal rank.
c2.gif h2.gif s2.gif b2fv.gif b2fv.gif

Rank #08 Two Pair
Two sets of two cards of equal rank.
s3.gif h3.gif ck.gif dk.gif b2fv.gif

Rank #09 One Pair
Two cards of equal rank.
h4.gif s4.gif b2fv.gif b2fv.gif b2fv.gif

Rank #10 High Card / No Pair
Highest ranked card.
c1.gif b2fv.gif b2fv.gif b2fv.gif b2fv.gif

(The odds of drawing a Royal Flush are 649,739 to 1, so, if you manage to get one, make sure you take a screenshot!)