Gangs Alley

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Gang's Alley is the location in the city where your hobo can go to ally and commit yourself to other hobos in a gang. Gangs have lots of uses for a wondering hobo besides offering a home, including providing gang armory, funds, and insights into the game.

From the Gang Alley, you have multiple choices to help you choose the right gang for you!

List Known Gangs

Provides a complete listing of all gangs created to date. The listing is sorted by Gang Level, but also shows the current gang leader and the begging level of the gang.

Top Gangs

This is the same page as the Top Gang's link shown in the North side of the City. It compiles a listing of all gangs and rates them on basic gang standards.

⇒ Average Member Level

⇒ Most Members

⇒ Highest Gang Level

⇒ Highest Gang Begging Level

⇒ Most Hospital Bills (which gang's shell out the most money to pay for member's hospital bills)

⇒ Most Gang Fights Won / Lost

⇒ Highest Begging Income

⇒ Highest Level Member

The Battle Field

This is a link to the WC/JWC Battle Field. From here, your gang initiates fights with other gangs in a battle of strength and skills to determine which gangs have the best fighting groups. Only gang members with War Chamber Initiate power can actual start the attacks.

Your Invitations

Some gangs want you, some don't. See which ones have invited you to become part of your family here

Make a New Gang

This option isn't available in all versions. Currently only Facebook allows new gangs to be created, and at a price of 500 points

Enter Your Gang

Quick link to bring you to your gang's Home Page, provided you are currently a member of one. This link is not here if you are not a member of a gang.