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HB-TML stands for Hobo-Text Markup Language. It allows you to format your text in numerous ways.


Text Formatting
Effect Code Result
Boldfaced Text [b]Boldface Text[/b] Boldfaced Text
Italicized Text [i]Italicized Text[/i] Italicized Text
Underlined Text [u]Underlined Text[/u] Underlined Text
Strikethrough Text [s]Strikethrough Text[/s] Strikethrough Text
Shadow Text [shadow]Shadow Text[/shadow] Shadow Text
Colored Text [hex=FF0000]Red Text[/hex]
[hex=FF8000]Orange Text[/hex]
[hex=FFFF00]Yellow Text[/hex]
[hex=008000]Green Text[/hex]
[hex=0000FF]Blue Text[/hex]
[hex=800080]Purple Text[/hex]
[hex=964B00]Brown Text[/hex]
Red Text
Orange Text
Yellow Text
Green Text
Blue Text
Purple Text
Brown Text
Superscript Text [sup]Superscript Text[/sup] Superscript Text 
Subscript Text [sub]Subscript Text[/sub] Subscript Text 
Tiny Text [sub][sup]Tiny Text[/sup][/sub]
[sup][sub]Tiny Text[/sub][/sup]
Tiny Text 
Tiny Text 
Centered Text [center]Centered Text[/center] Centered Text

Left-Aligned Text [left]Left-Aligned Text[/left] Left-Aligned Text

Right-Aligned Text [right]Right-Aligned Text[/right] Right-Aligned Text

Indented Text [indent]Indented Text[/indent]
Indented Text

Preformatted Text [pre]Preformatted Text[/pre]
Preformatted Text

Effect Code Result
Hyperlink [link=http://www.hobowars.com] http://www.hobowars.com
Labeled Hyperlink [url=http://www.hobowars.com]HoboWars![/url] HoboWars!
Hobo Link [hobo=1]Andy[/hobo] Andy
Smart Hobo Link [hoboname=1] Andy
Email Link [email=andrewh@hellbored.com]Andy's Email[/email] Andy's Email
Thread Link [thread=15011174]Minor Updates[/thread] Minor Updates
Thread Link (Specific Page) [thread=15011174-2]Minor Updates (Page 2)[/thread] Minor Updates (Page 2)
Gang Link [gang=1]The First Gang[/gang] The First Gang
Smart Gang Link [gangname=1] The Syndicate.
Journal Link [journal=1]The First Journal Entry[/journal] The First Journal Entry
Smart Journal Link [journalname=1] The First Journal!
Lotto Link [lotto=6818]An Awesome Lotto[/lotto] An Awesome Lotto
Smart Lotto Link [lottoname=6818] Multi Millions Lotto
UFC Link [ufc=1-3] [UFC: Round 1, Bracket 3]
HoboWiki Article Link [wiki=Apple Core] Apple Core
HoboArena Page Link [arena]Login to HoboArena![/arena] Login to HoboArena!
Media Rendering
Effect Code Result
Displayed Image [img]http://www.hobowars.com/images/donator.gif[/img] donator.gif
Embedded YouTube Video [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7dpJ0oseIA] (Embedded Video)
Effect Code Result
Quote [quote]Quoted Text[/quote]
Quoted Text
Labeled Quote [quote=Andy]Quoted Text[/quote]
Originally Posted by Andy
Quoted Text
Smart Quote [quote=1]Quoted Text[/quote]
Originally Posted by Andy
Quoted Text
Horizontal Rule Rendering
Effect Code Result
One Horizontal Rule [hr]
Two Horizontal Rules [hr][hr]


Three Horizontal Rules [hr][hr][hr]



  • Always remember to close your tags so that your formatting does not bleed over into any text you do not want affected.
    • The [hr] tag is the only one that does not need to be closed, since it is considered to be a one-time use.
  • Linking to an in game url may result in a link that will send you to the Hobowars homepage.

Colored Text

In a hexadecimal color code, the colors red, green, and blue are represented by a hexadecimal value. The first two digits in a hexadecimal color code are the red values, the middle two digits are the green values, and the last two digits are the blue values. By mixing these values together in various amounts you can achieve up to 16,777,216 different colors!

  • The hexadecimal color code for pure red is FF0000.
  • The hexadecimal color code for pure green (lime) is 00FF00.
  • The hexadecimal color code for pure blue is 0000FF.
  • The hexadecimal color code for pure white is all three colors at their highest values, i.e. FFFFFF.
  • The hexadecimal color code for pure black is all three colors at their lowest values, i.e. 000000.
  • Hexadecimal color codes for gray colors are made by keeping all three color values equal in number and making it a value between 00 and FF, e.g. 454545.
  • Hexadecimal color codes for all other colors are made by mixing red, green, and blue values in appropriate amounts, e.g. FF6600, 029A2F, B05F3C, etc.
  • Hexadecimal color code resources: Specific / Comprehensive / Complete.

Special Tricks

Lesser-known methods of getting the effect you want.

HB-TML Tips and Tricks
What You Want What To Type Out Result
Show HB-TML (Simple) [h\r] [hr]
Show HB-TML (Complex) [hr] [hr]
Hidden MB Text [hex=F8F8F8]Word[/hex] Word
Hidden Signature Text [hex=FFFFFF]Word[/hex] Word
Hidden Journal Text [hex=D6E1E9]Word[/hex] Word
Hidden Journal Comment Text (In Yours) [hex=EBF0F3]Word[/hex] Word
Hidden Journal Comment Text (In Others) [hex=F3F3F3]Word[/hex] Word
Hidden Picture Comment Text (In Yours) [hex=EBF0F3]Word[/hex] Word
Hidden Picture Comment Text (In Others) [hex=EFEFEF]Word[/hex] Word
Hidden Profile Comment Text [hex=EFEFEF]Word[/hex] Word
Hidden Chat Text [hex=F0F0F0]Word[/hex] Word
Hidden Pac Chat Text [hex=000000]Word[/hex] Word


  • To simulate a "tab space", use five periods that are colored to match the background color, i.e. [hex=FFFFFF].....[/hex]
  • Also, please note that setting the color of your text in Chat to match the background color is against the rules.


Name Code Image
Angered :anger: angered.gif
Angry :angry: 9.gif
Big Grin :D 1.gif
Blank Stare :blankstare: blankstare.gif
Blushing :@ 14.gif
Bowing Down :bow: bow.gif
Brick Wall :brickwall: brickwall.gif
Bucktooth :bucktooth: bucktooth.gif
Bug :bug: bug.gif
Bye-bye :bye: bye.gif
Clap :clap: clap.gif
Coffee :coffee: coffee.gif
Confused :S 6.gif
Crazy :crazy: crazy.gif
Crying :cry: cry.gif
David Hasselhoff :hasselhoff: hasselhoff.gif
Derp :derp: derp.gif
Disgusted :yuk: yuk.gif
Disturbed :disturbed: disturbed.gif
Drunk :drunk: drunk.gif
Eating Popcorn :popcorn: popcorn.gif
Evil :evil: 11.gif
Facepalm :facepalm: facepalm.gif
Freaking Out :freakout: freakout.gif
Fro :fro: fro.gif
Frown :( 13.gif
Gandalf :gandalf: gandalf.gif
Gay officedebo gay.gif
Grin :-D 2.gif
Grin :grin: grin.gif
Hearts :heart: heart.gif
Hobo :hobo: hobo.gif
Irish :irish: irish.gif
Kekeke :kekeke: kekeke.gif
King :king: king.gif
LOL :lol: lol.gif
Lots of Love :love: love2.gif
Machine Gun :gun: gun2.gif
Money :money: money.gif
Nailbite :nailbite: nailbite.gif
Cheers :cheers: cheers.gif
Andy :andy: andy.gif
Horse :horse: horse.gif
Tehehe :tehehe: tehehe.gif
Yoda :yoda: yoda.gif
Scary Grin :] scary.png
Name Code Image
Naughty :naughty: naughty.gif
No :no: no.gif
Nyan :nyan: nyan.gif
Off Topic :offtopic: offtopic.gif
OMG :omg: omg.gif
Oopsie :oopsie: oopsie.gif
Pirate :arr: pirate.gif
Playing Violin :violin: violin.gif
Quote :quote: quote.gif
Rock :rock: rock.gif
ROFL :rofl: rofl.gif
Rolling Eyes :| :eyes: 12.gif
Sad :blue: sad.gif
Shades B-) shades.gif
Shaking Fist :fist: fist.gif
Shaking Head :headshake: headshake.gif
Sherlock :sherlock: sherlock.gif
Shifty :hmm: hmm.gif
Shocked O.o o.O 10.gif
Shrugging :idk: idk.gif
Slashgrin :slashgrin: slashgrin.gif
Sleeping :zzz: sleeping.gif
Sly :sly: sly.gif
Smile :) 3.gif
Spinning ^.^ 15.gif
Sunglasses 8-) 7.gif
Surprised :O O.O 5.gif
Suspect :suspect: suspicious.gif
Thumbs Up :thumbsup: thumbsup.gif
Tongue :P 4.gif
Typing :type: type.gif
Ugh :ugh: ugh.gif
Wanking :wank: wank.gif
Waving :wave: wave.gif
Wiki :wiki: wiki.gif
Winking Tongue ;P wink.gif
Winking ;) 8.gif
Wonka :wonka: wonka.gif
Yawning :yawn: yawn.gif
Yes :yes: yes.gif
Love <3 love.gif
Drums :drums: drums.gif
BooHoo :boohoo: boohoo.gif
No No :nono: nono.gif
Banana :banana: banana.gif
Stupid :stupid: stupid.gif
Yikes :yikes: yikes.gif

Special Characters and Symbols

An assortment of special ASCII characters can be found through out the game (in peoples' names, gang tags, signatures, etc...). To find and access these characters on your computer:

  1. Click Start
  2. Select "Run..."
  3. Enter "charmap.exe"
  4. Click "Okay"

Alternately, on most computers, it can be found here:

Start ⇒ All Programs ⇒ Accessories ⇒ System Tools ⇒ Character Map

Keep in mind that some of the Arabic symbols are banned, because they change the direction the characters are read, and can cause problems with the coding. Therefore, please avoid using them.

Special characters and symbols resources: Specific / Complete.