Technicolor Jungle

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The Technicolor Jungle is a new area introduced after the completion of the Canbodian adventures. It offers berries for stat gains, access to the Hobosaurus Rex, Hobalt and the Mines.

Getting Started

The new jungle can be found above the Canbodian Beach. If you have never been there, first go to the Hobo Beach and talk to the Old Man. He will tell you what you need to do, which is to go to the More Jungle above the Beach -- not the normal Jungle where the Furries live. Get the map by going up and taking your first left.

The Treasures

These are located in the following dead ends. Each can only be acquired once.

The points are the standard game points that you use for Donator Packs and can buy or sell at the SGHM. The Flying Dutchman is a food item that came out with the new In-N-Out. It gives 20T, 10 points to each fighting stat (spd, pwr, str) permanently and also gives a 100 minute boost of +2000 to each fighting stat. The Hobalt Chunk is a necessary component of a number of special new rings.

Navigating the Jungle


The Technicolor Jungle is similar to most other awake costing explore areas with a few differences. First, you can explore while dead at the cost of giving up cash & can finds. Second, are the stat giving berries that you can find & consume. And last are the regenerating obstacles in the form of growing bushes.

The basic idea of the Technicolor Jungle is that it has bushes of five colors of berries growing in it. These are the colored spaces on the map above. They represent a maze. You "cut" a color each time you travel across a solid square of that color. However, you can only have two colors gone at one time, so when you cut a third, the first one grows back.

The path ahead is blocked by some <new color> jungle plants. Luckily, you brought along your lucky garden shears! You whip them out and go to work. Suck it rainforest!

Off in the distance you hear what sounds like some <two colors ago> plants growing back. That's some good hearing you've got there.


You travel across a solid yellow square. This makes all the yellow bushes disappear. Then you travel across a solid orange square making all the orange bushes disappear, so there are now no yellow or orange bushes. If you then travel onto a solid green square, there will be no orange or green bushes, but the yellow ones from two cuts ago will grow back.


There are five blocked squares, each represented as a gray block with a narrow border in each of the five colors. The color of bush matching that surrounding the gray center must be gone for you to travel across that area. There are identical squares in between each pair of solid colored bushes, but those don't matter since you can't get to them without first cutting their color. The five blocked squares that don't have solid color squares on either side of them prevent you from getting to the dead ends in this maze, which is where the goodies are. You can always return to the beginning for 1T by following the "Go back to beginning (1T)" link, just like in the old jungle.

Travel Cost

You will lose 1T for each space you travel in this jungle. There are also berries from these bushes lying on the ground that will add .01 to your BAC, but they're scattered, so you won't get the gain at every step. Some will give you stat boosts. Details on the berries will follow in the Berry section.


Berries appear as colored dots at the bottom left of your map when you cut bushes of that color.

  • Orange: Power
  • Yellow: Speed
  • Green: Strength
  • Blue: Max Life
  • Purple: Begging, Intelligence, Max Life, or Drinking.
    • Note: Does not increase begging stat past 1100 or intelligence stat past 2500.

Every time you cut a new color of bush, colored dots are added to the berry row at the bottom of your screen. As you travel through the jungle, you will eat random berries from this row, and for each you eat, one dot of the same color will vanish from the row. When you run out of dots, you will eat old, shriveled berries.

The colored berries give varying amounts of the stats listed above based on the thickness of the air, which changes once an hour on the hour. The best stats are gained when the air is so thick you could swim in it.

You find an amazing orange berry on the ground and pop it into your mouth. You gain <X.XX> Power!

It must have been fermented or something cause you feel a buzz. Blood Alcohol <former BAC + 0.01> (<your total> tolerance)

Shriveled berries from when you have no colored dots give no stats. All berries raise your BAC by 0.01%. Once you max your BAC, you will no longer be allowed to explore the jungle.

You probably shouldn't wander around down here until you've sobered up a bit, what with all the fermented berries around.