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The Food Bank is a unlockable location in the City that is exclusive to Facebook HoboWars & HoboArena. Serving primarily as a place for [The Temporary Tattoo Parlor is a location within Canbodia where you can get temporary tattoos that provide you with certain benefits.

It becomes accessible during Mission 13 of the Canbodia Adventures.

Tattoo Mechanics

Tattoos bestow various beneficial effects onto your hobo. These effects vary from better stat gains at the University to an increased can finding frequency while exploring the city.

Tattoos can only be purchased, retouched, and removed at the Temporary Tattoo Parlor in Canbodia.

You may only have one tattoo at a time.

A tattoo lasts for a maximum of thirty days. However, it loses its effectiveness over time and begins to fade. There are four fade levels: level 3 (30-21 days left), level 2 (20-11 days left), level 1 (10-1 day(s) left), and level 0 (0 days left). When a tattoo reaches level 0, it completely disappears, along with the benefits it bestowed upon you.

The duration and effects of faded tattoos can be renewed by having them retouched at the Temporary Tattoo Parlor. The cost of retouching a tattoo is dependent upon the tattoo itself and its current fade level.

A tattoo can be removed prematurely in case you do not want it or want another one instead. Removing a tattoo costs $50,000, so make sure you have that amount on hand when you go to get it removed.

Keep in mind that a tattoo cannot be overwritten by another tattoo. If you want a tattoo different from the one you already have, you will either have to get it removed or wait until it completely fades away.

The tattoo you currently have is displayed on your public profile for everyone to see.

There are currently six tattoos. The first three slightly increase one kind of combat stat gain at the University; they are automatically unlocked for you once you are able to get tattoos at the Temporary Tattoo Parlor. The last three have various non-combat benefits and must be unlocked.

Tattoo Flash Book

The Tattoo Flash Book is a purchasable item that allows you to unlock three additional tattoos. It costs $100,000 and can be purchased from the Oracle at the Temporary Tattoo Parlor. Once you have the Tattoo Flash Book, you can begin the process of unlocking more tattoos. After becoming unlocked, the tattoos will become permanently available options for the Oracle to brand you with for a substantially higher price than her usual tattoos.

Retouch Price & Fade Level Relationship Table

Retouch Price & Fade Level Relationship Table
Days Left Price (Low) Price (High) Price (Highest) Fade Level Images
3 Packin-Sasquatch-3.gif Middle-Earth-Rock-3.gif Liberty-Cycle-3.gif
Skull-Pot-3.gif Cantastic-3.gif Boozaholic-3.gif
Arena-Badass-3.gif Rattoo-3.gif Beggars-Paradise-3.gif
29 $333,333 $1,666,666 $5,000,000
20 2 Packin-Sasquatch-2.gif Middle-Earth-Rock-2.gif Liberty-Cycle-2.gif
Skull-Pot-2.gif Cantastic-2.gif Boozaholic-2.gif
Arena-Badass-2.gif Rattoo-2.gif Beggars-Paradise-2.gif
19 $666,666 $3,333,333 $10,000,000
10 1 Packin-Sasquatch-1.gif Middle-Earth-Rock-1.gif Liberty-Cycle-1.gif
Skull-Pot-1.gif Cantastic-1.gif Boozaholic-1.gif
Arena-Badass-1.gif Rattoo-1.gif Beggars-Paradise-1.gif
 9 $700,000 $3,500,000 $10,500,000
 8 $733,333 $3,666,666 $11,000,000
 7 $766,666 $3,833,333 $11,500,000
 6 $799,999 $3,999,999 $12,000,000
 5 $833,333 $4,166,666 $12,500,000
 4 $866,666 $4,333,333 $13,000,000
 3 $900,000 $4,500,000 $13,500,000
 2 $933,333 $4,666,666 $14,000,000
 1 $966,666 $4,833,333 $14,500,000
 0 $1,000,000 $5,000,000 $15,000,000

List of Tattoos

List of Tattoos
ID Image Name Cost Maximum Benefit Unlock Criterion
-9999  !a  !a  !a
1 Packin-Sasquatch-3.gif Packin Sasquatch $1,000,000 Increases strength gains at the University by 3%.
2 Middle-Earth-Rock-3.gif Middle Earth Rock $1,000,000 Increases power gains at the University by 3%.
3 Liberty-Cycle-3.gif Liberty Cycle $1,000,000 Increases speed gains at the University by 3%.
4 Skull-Pot-3.gif Skull Pot $5,000,000 Reduces the amount of T required to visit the Wellness Clinic by 5T. Spend over $2,500,000 on a single Wellness Clinic visit.
5 Cantastic-3.gif Cantastic $5,000,000 Increases can gains in all areas and the frequency of can finds while exploring. Gives a chance to deflect or collect cans shot at you in battle. Reduces your Can Cannon misfire rates. Find 1500 or more cans in a single reset.
6 Boozaholic-3.gif Boozaholic $5,000,000 Increases your alcohol gains significantly and your alcohol tolerance by 0.15%. Drink from the King's Cup 50 times within 24 hours, starting at the minor reset.
7 Arena-Badass-3.gif Arena Badass $5,000,000 Increases your gear level, experience gained from fights, and respect boosts from fights. Complete all six trials present at the Cave of Trials during one round of HoboArena.
8 Rattoo-3.gif Rattoo $5,000,000 Boosts rat agility in battles. Increases the effectivenes of Buddhism, Vegetarianism and Materialism upgrades. Have a level 75 rat and visit the Pet Shop.
9 Beggars-Paradise-3.gif Beggar's Paradise $15,000,000 Reduces cash stolen in fights. Use cash to damage opponents. Bonus begging cash and exp gains based on time alive. Fight the Scurvy man at the arena while owning the Tattoo Flash Book and wearing a tattoo.