Under the Bridge

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Under the Bridge
Category Status Effect
Subcategories Begging Effect
Field Effect
Version Availability All
(Some minor differences between versions.)

Under the Bridge is a status effect that temporarily allows you to gain respect while begging and gain respect from training at the University.

  • On HoboArena, your respect rank is increased by 3 for the duration of effect.

Under the Bridge only works while you're alive and last approximately 10-20 uses before it expires & reduces your life to 0. The precise amount of respect gained through this is unknown, but it is a flat range for everyone(starts at approx 400-600 respect per 10t spent). The respect gains can be boosted by equipping the Respect Ring.

Repeated uses of the effect during a single reset will degrade the amount of respect gained and increase the rate of the bridge collapsing. Each bridge will always last at least 10 uses(100t) before collapsing. These uses are cleared at minor reset.

List of Sources and Durations

Source Duration
HoboWars HoboWars2 Facebook HoboWars HoboArena
Red Hot Chili Pepper 60 Minutes 60 Minutes 60 Minutes 60 Minutes