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Message Boards have a huge range of usages. From general game talk to staff putting info out to pretty much anything that won't violate the game rules. There are many message boards, some of them unavailable to the general hobo population, some available to all of the general hobo population, and some in between. Here is a quick overview of the most commonly used ones, not all boards are applicable to all versions of the game.

  • Message Boards use HB-TML.
  • Be sure to follow the Message Board Rules while posting or risk receiving a Message Board ban.


  • Important All the latest updates and votes
  • If the staff has important information out such as updates (small or large), common problems that they would like to keep track of, or something that they would like the general public's thoughts about, they'll post it here.
  • Staff are the only ones allowed to start a new thread, anyone can post within any unlocked thread.

General Discussion

  • General chit chat about the place such as who is smokin' who.
  • Anyone can post in this message board.
  • A place to talk about anything game related that doesn't fall under any of the other message boards.

Non-Hobowars Talk

  • It is your birthday? Tell people about it here as well as other interesting things not related to HoboWars.
  • Anyone can post in this message board.
  • Common themes are video games, world events, movies, etc.

Information Desk

  • Post your gameplay questions here!
  • The Information Desk Board is a safe place for all players to ask silly and common questions. Therefore, all replies to any thread posted on the Information Desk Board must be polite, helpful, and relevant to the question. If a question does not seem clear, kindly ask for clarification. Flaming other players and purposely posting incorrect information on the Information Desk Board will not be tolerated and will usually result in a Message Board ban.
  • Game rules are listed on this message board.
  • List of FAQ about the game are also listed here.

Gang Chatter

  • Your gang is better? Tell everyone!
  • Gangs use this board to recruit new members, flaunt their gang, and put down other gangs.

Adventure Talk

  • An adventurer is you!
  • Discussions about adventures, where you can ask questions about parts where are are stuck, special items, check out the thought process behind some of the art, and more.

Fun & Games

  • Heard a real funny joke and want to claim it as your own? Here is the spot! You may also post those terrible other games that no one will like because they have this.
  • Jokes, games, competitions, and "funny" discussions are posted here.

Suggestion Board

  • Yes, yes, you have the most original idea around...surprise me..
  • If you think of an aspect of the game that could be improved on or even have an idea for something to be added to the game post it here and have them voted on by your fellow hobos and the staff will make a final decision.
  • Make sure you read the "Blacklist/Rules" post before sharing your thoughts.

City Racing

  • So you've managed to get a shopping cart and you're ready to race? Want to discuss something about the City Shopping Cart Racing? Then you're in the right place...
  • You can ask for tips on how to race better, ask a racing related question, see if there's people ready to make a jump to the next level of racing, and even ask for a token loan.

Rat Board

  • Rats, duels, betting. Don't you just love the damn buggers?
  • Discuss which rat is better than another, make bets on rat fights, even discuss training techniques. If it's rat related, it belongs here.

North/East/South/West Alley Boards

  • North/East/South/West Side hobos talkin' and chillin' place.
  • Let everyone on your side of the city know that you're participating in the side wars
  • Talk about how much better your side is than the others
  • Discuss any strategies or plans you'd like to use against your rival sides. (Such as what side should you focus on)

Staff Contact

  • You can ask questions or make complaints, no one else but you and staff members will see your posts.
  • Have you found a major problem with the game itself or a player and want the staff to know right away, post here. Your thread can only be seen by the staff and like Las Vegas, What happens on the staff board stays on the staff board.

Gang Board

  • Your Gang board
  • The message board that is dedicated for your gang. No one in another gang can see it.

Donators Lair

  • Donators Only...
  • If you're not a donator, you don't need to know.

Bernard's Mansion Board

  • Secret Board. Only those who have access to bernard's mansion can see this board-
  • Gain access to Bernard's Mansion to find the secrets this board contains.

Watched Threads

  • A list of all threads you are currently watching.
  • If any of your watched threads are posted on, a notification will show up in this message board and in your living area.
  • To "watch" a thread, on the initial post there is a pair of binoculars, click on it and that thread is now watched.
    • To "unwatch" a thread, click on the pair of binoculars again.
  • All threads that have been watched are accessible from this message board as well.