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The Hospital is where you go to heal and regain your HP (life). In order to heal, you must have sufficient cash on hand; players in gangs may have the option for their gang to pay for a portion of the cost. The cost is dependent on the amount of HP required to fully heal you. The cost temporarily increases after 40 heals in a single reset.

Additional features include unlocking the Livestrong Ring after healing 50 times in a single reset and the option of paying to cure any nasty Hobola infections you have.


Life in the game has two main meanings. The maximum life that you can have and your current/remaining life as a percentage after receiving damage during certain activities. For easy explanation it will be referred to below as Life Total and Health. Typically, in order to fight you have to be alive, have an amount health above zero. While fighting, any damage received reduces your remaining health. If your health is reduced to zero, you become unconscious and lose the fight. Several areas of the game require being alive to utilize, however the Zombified status effect can bypass that requirement in most cases.

Life Total

A hobo's life total is important as it allows them to stay alive longer during battle by withstanding more damage. Each player's life total naturally increases with every level they gain, in the past this was the only way to increase one's life total. Over the years, various new way to increase life were implemented. These new methods have made life trainable, and consequently more important than before.

Ways to increase you life total:


Health simply refers to the current percent of your life total that you have. Its generally advised to never enter a battle without full health. Luckily there are several ways to replenish health both in and out of battle.

Ways to replenish health Ways to lose health
  • All hobo are automatically healed at each reset
  • Paying the Hospital to be healed
  • Consuming Life Savers to be healed
  • The Kobayashi Ring has a chance to replenish health in battle
  • Players signed up for CSP are randomly healed for rewards.
  • Select Skills; Drain, Heal, Double Drain, Heal More, Triple Drain, Meditation, and Pacifism