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Info Table Redesign

Name ID
Category Category
Subcategory Subcategory #1
Subcategory #2
Subcategory #3
Version Availability HoboWars
Facebook HoboWars
(Some minor differences between versions.)
Category Category
Subcategory Subcategory #1
Subcategory #2
Subcategory #3
Version Availability HoboWars
Facebook HoboWars
(Some minor differences between versions.)

Old Info Table

ID Category Subcategory
ID Category
Subcategory #1
Subcategory #2
Subcategory #3
Version Availability
Facebook HoboWars
(Some minor differences between versions.)

New Item Location Table


Fresh Apple
Category Food Item
Subcategories WalMart Food
Food Ingredient
Version Availability All

A Fresh Apple is a food item that gives you 2T upon consumption.

It is a relatively common item.

List of Locations and Costs

Location Cost
HoboWars HoboWars2 Facebook HoboWars HoboArena
WalMart (Level-Dependent)* (Level-Dependent)* (Level-Dependent)* (Level-Dependent)*
City Exploring Turns Turns Turns Turns
Corner 7/11's
Industrial Bin
5T+ 5T+

Corner 7/11's

5T+ 5T+
Train Station
Found inside a random box.
2T 2T 2T 2T
Soup Kitchen's
Daily Special
3T / 5T 3T / 5T 3T / 5T 3T / 5T
Evil Fortress's
Deinventing Room
Apple Flavored Gum Apple Flavored Gum Apple Flavored Gum Apple Flavored Gum

* Cost = ${ [ 2 ( Hobo Level + 3 ) ] / 2 }


List of Locations and Costs

Location Cost
HoboWars HoboWars2 Facebook HoboWars HoboArena
Ring Pop

Beggar Ring
(Begging Reward)

(Backpack Item)

Trick-or-Treat Basket
(Backpack Item)

Primary School

Primary School
Candy Forge

Duncan's House

Corner 7/11

Corner 7/11



Toy Store

(Begging Reward)


Ultimate Fisty Cuffs

City Pawn

Food Bank

Food Bank
(Begging Reward)

Shakedown Saloon

Shakedown Saloon
(Begging Reward)

Bernard's Mansion's
Beggar's Paradise

Bernard's Mansion's
Bernard's Basement

Bernard's Mansion's
Cabana Bar

Bernard's Mansion's

Bernard's Mansion's
Private Library

City Exploring

Territory Control
City Exploring

Train Station

Bus Station's
Flea Market

Liquor Store

Bowling Alley

City Hall's


Flea Market

Sewer #1

Sewer #2

Sewer #3

Sewer #4

Red Light District's
Outer Wall

Red Light District

Parking Garage


Wharf Market

The Hoburbs

Chocolate Factory's
Claw Machine

Chocolate Factory's
Chocolate Room

Chocolate Factory's
Inventing Room

Chocolate Factory's
Fizzy Lifting Soda Room

Candy Store

Wellness Clinic

Tin Can Alley's
Flea Market

Soup Kitchen

Soup Kitchen's
Daily Bowl of Soup

Soup Kitchen's
Daily Roast Beef

Soup Kitchen's
Daily Special

Pawn Shop

Evil Fortress's
Dark Chocolate Room

Evil Fortress's
Deinventing Room

Evil Fortress's
Fizzy Falling Soda Pit

Canbodian River

Hobo Beach

Canbodian Jungle

Dive Bar

Dive Bar
(Tip Jar Reward)

Recycling Bin

Temporary Tattoo Parlor

Kurtz's Camp

Improved Dumpster

Technicolor Jungle


Trading Post

Ore Exchange

Gear Store

Loompa Land








Category Status Effect
Subcategories Stat-Altering Effect
Ring Pop Effect
Version Availability All

Jittery is a status effect that temporarily increases your speed by 200.


Jittery.gif Jittery: You're feeling really jittery, but also extra speedy! (+200 spd)

List of Sources and Durations

HoboWars and HoboWars2

Facebook HoboWars


Dumpster Table (FBHW)

Image Name Item Type Magnetism.gif
Bloody-Knife.gif Bloody Knife Weapon
Bloody-Prisoner-Uniform.gif Bloody Prisoner Uniform Armor
Dry-Ice.gif Dry Ice Ingredient
Mini-Hobot.gif Mini Hobot Usable 1Magnetism.gif
Altoids.gif Altoids Food
Apple-Core.gif Apple Core Food
Apple-Flavored-Gum.gif Apple Flavored Gum Food
Bachelor-Chow.gif Bachelor Chow Food
Bacon-Blast-Jelly-Beans.gif Bacon Blast Jelly Beans
Beef-Mushroom-Stew.gif Beef Mushroom Stew
Beggar%27s-Bouillon.gif Beggar's Bouillon
Blowfish.gif Blowfish
Blueberry-Blast-Jelly-Beans.gif Blueberry Blast Jelly Beans
Can-of-Coke.gif Can of Coke
Can-of-Pepsi.gif Can of Pepsi
Can-of-Whipped-Cream.gif Can of Whipped Cream
Candy-Cigarette.gif Candy Cigarette
Catfish.gif Catfish
Caulipop.gif Caulipop
Chewed-Chicken-Leg.gif Chewed Chicken Leg
Chili-Pepper.gif Chili Pepper
Chocolate-Ice-Cream.gif Chocolate Ice Cream
Chocolate-Vanilla-Swirl-Ice-Cream.gif Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Ice Cream
Cinnamon-Flavored-Gum.gif Cinnamon Flavored Gum
Cooked-Chicken.gif Cooked Chicken
Cream-of-Okra-Soup.gif Cream of Okra Soup
Crystal-Pepsi.gif Crystal Pepsi
Dalipop.gif Dalipop
Dark-Chocolate-Wonka-Bar.gif Dark Chocolate Wonka Bar
Day-Old-Coffee-Naan.gif Day Old Coffee Naan
Dippin-Dots.gif Dippin Dots
Discarded-Taco-Naan.gif Discarded Taco Naan
Faberge-Cream-Egg.gif Faberge Cream Egg
Fish-Sticks.gif Fish Sticks
Fizzy-Falling-Soda.gif Fizzy Falling Soda
Fizzy-Lifting-Soda.gif Fizzy Lifting Soda
Forest-Shroom.gif Forest Shroom
Fresh-Apple.gif Fresh Apple
Fruit-by-the-Furlong.gif Fruit by the Furlong
Garlic-Clove.gif Garlic Clove
Garlic-Salmon-Bisque.gif Garlic Salmon Bisque
Gummi-Gorilla.gif Gummi Gorilla
Gummi-Peregrine-Falcon.gif Gummi Peregrine Falcon
Gummi-Raptor.gif Gummi Raptor
Gummi-Spaghetti-Monster.gif Gummi Spaghetti Monster
Half-a-Donut.gif Half a Donut
Half-a-HotDog.gif Half a HotDog
Half-a-Sandwich-Naan.gif Half a Sandwich Naan
Half-Eaten-Burger.gif Half Eaten Burger
Hobo-Stew.gif Hobo Stew
HotDog.gif HotDog
Junior-Mints.gif Junior Mints
KFC-Meal.gif KFC Meal
Meat-Pie.gif Meat Pie
Military-Rations.gif Military Rations
Mountain-Dew.gif Mountain Dew
Mountain-Honeydew-Melon.gif Mountain Honeydew Melon
New-Pizza.gif New Pizza
Octopus.gif Octopus
Okra.gif Okra
Packet-of-Fries.gif Packet of Fries
Piece-of-Bread.gif Piece of Bread
Piece-of-Pizza.gif Piece of Pizza
Polypop.gif Polypop
Pre-Chewed-Gum.gif Pre-Chewed Gum
Quantum-Candy.gif Quantum Candy
Rainbow-Drop.gif Rainbow Drop
Raw-Chicken-Leg.gif Raw Chicken Leg
Raw-Potato.gif Raw Potato
Red-Hots.gif Red Hots
Roast-Beef-Flavored-Gum.gif Roast Beef Flavored Gum
Roast-Beef.gif Roast Beef
Rotten-Fish.gif Rotten Fish
Salmon.gif Salmon
Semi-Lasting-Gobstopper.gif Semi-Lasting Gobstopper
Single-Single.gif Single-Single
Smart-Bread.gif Smart Bread
Special-Brownie.gif Special Brownie
Sweet-Bomb.gif Sweet Bomb
Texas-Fajita-Soup.gif Texas Fajita Soup
Vanilla-Ice-Cream.gif Vanilla Ice Cream
Volleypop.gif Volleypop
Wonka%27s-Peppermint-Spirits.gif Wonka's Peppermint Spirits
Wonka-Bar.gif Wonka Bar
Wonka-stripe-Candy-Cane.gif Wonka-stripe Candy Cane

Game History

Image Gallery

250px 250px
The first piece of artwork by Albert Nguyen for HoboWars. The front page of HoboWars circa September 2010.

Intro Adventures

File:Intro Comic.png
The Intro Comics

The Intro Adventures are a series of tutorial adventures designed to introduce new players to the game.


The Intro Adventures were introduced to the game on June 26, 2009.

They were well-received by the HoboWars community.


You are an average employee at WalMart who dreams of becoming a hobo. After your boss catches you exhibiting hobo-like behavior on the job multiple times, he becomes fed up with it and fires your ass. You leave WalMart, dragging a cardboard box from the store behind you. You find an alleyway and decide to take a nap there in your cardboard box for a while. Upon waking up, you notice that your cardboard box is gone! All that's left is a note that reads, "I have your box. If you ever want to see it again, meet Duncan on the South Side of the City. -The Old Man".

It would seem that your life as a hobo has begun, and probably not in the way you wanted...


All new players are forced to go through the Intro Adventures. Therefore, upon creating an account, a new player will automatically be introduced to the Intro Comics and directed to the City.

All players present before the introduction of the Intro Adventures have the option of starting them or opting out of them via a notification in the City. Be warned though... If you choose to opt out of the Intro Adventures, you will never again be presented with the option to start them, so, choose wisely.


The Intro Adventures consist of tasks. Completing a task progresses you further through the Intro Adventures.

The First Task

Visit Duncan's House and get some free stuff!

The note the Old Man left you said to visit Duncan's House on the South Side of the City. Therefore, it is probably in your best interest to head on over there.

If you are not already at the City, you should take a moment to look at all of the links on the game's standard page layout. If you are observant, you should find two links to the City—one on the red menu bar near the top of the page, and one on the sidebar near the left side of the page. Clicking either one will send you to the City.

Once you are at the City, take a second to look at its layout. The City has four sides: North, West, East, and South. Fortunately, each side of the City is logically positioned on the page, so, finding the South Side shouldn't be too difficult. Once you have found the South Side, locate Duncan's House and click it.

Upon entering Duncan's House you immediately ask Duncan where your cardboard box is, and he tells you that it was taken by the Old Man, a tough homeless guy who runs the City. Duncan then tells you that you need to prove yourself to the Old Man in order to get your cardboard box back, and proceeds to give you five Donator Days to help you do just that.

Reward: 5 Donator Days

The Second Task

Explore the City and come back with 20 Cans.

This is not that difficult of a task; you just need to figure out how to explore the City.

Now, Duncan told you that you need $10 for a map of the City. You need that map if you want to explore the City. You will be able to purchase the map once you get to the place where you can do this activity; however, before we get there, let's make sure that you have $10 on hand. If you just started playing, you should already have $10 on hand. If you do not, then you will have to go to your Piggy Bank and withdraw $10. There are two links to your Piggy Bank—one on the sidebar and one on the City page. (In fact, almost all of the important links you need are on the left-hand sidebar of the game's standard page layout.) Find a link to your Piggy Bank and click it to go to your Piggy Bank. Once you are there, find the "Withdraw" field, type the amount you want to withdraw in its text box, and click the "Withdraw" button in order to withdraw that amount from your Piggy Bank.

Once you have at least $10 on hand, it is time to go explore the City. There are two links to this activity—you guessed it, one on the left-hand sidebar and on on the City page. Once you find one of those two links, click it, and you will go to the page where you can explore the City. Once there, purchase your City map by clicking the first link on that page. Now that you have your map, you can explore the City! To begin your exploration, click the big "Explore City!" link.

All you need to know about exploring the City is here. Read up.

Once you are finished, head back to Duncan's House to receive your reward!

Reward: $400

The Third Task

Buy a weapon from the Toy Store and equip it.

Another simple task; you just need to purchase a weapon and equip it.

Upon completing the last task, you should have around $600 in your Piggy Bank. If you do not have have $400 already on hand, then go to your Piggy Bank and withdraw $400 from it. Once you have $400 on hand, head on over to the Toy Store. There is a link to it on the City page, on the South Side. Once you are at the Toy Store, find a Paper Cup and buy it. Congratulations! You just purchased your first weapon. Now you just need to equip it. To accomplish this, head over to your Living Area, find the "View List" link, and click it. You will go to a page that lists all of your weapons and pieces of armor. Find your Paper Cup and click the "Equip" link near it in order to equip it.

Head on over to Duncan's House to receive your next task!

PROTIP: Now, if you are observant, you will notice that there is not a link to the Toy Store on left-hand sidebar. Now, it should be said that you can add and remove links from that sidebar. In order to do this, you need to go to your preferences page. This can be accomplished in many ways, but, the easiest way would be to go to your Living Area, click the "More Info" tab, find the "Account settings and profile" link, and click it. Once there, find the "Layout Selection" link and click it. Scroll down until you reach the "Side Menu Options" section. Take a close look at the list presented to you. This list will grow bigger as you play the game, so be sure to check it often to see if more locations are added to it. Now, simply check the boxes of any location you want to be added to the sidebar. The following are recommended additions for new players: WalMart, Suicide Hill, High School, University, Duncan's House, Toy Store, Corner 7/11, Casino, SGHM, Rats, Backpack, and Arena. Of course, you can check them all if you want; just don't expect to be able to go to all of those locations immediately. Once you have made your selections, click the "Change" button under the list. The sidebar should be updated.

The Fourth Task

Start a fight with another hobo!

This task requires you to fight another player, and it does not matter if you win or lose that fight. That's not too hard, right?

With your handy-dandy weapon equipped, go to the City, find the "Hobo Meeting Area" link, and click it in order to go to the page where you can battle other players. (Alternatively, you can click the "Battle" links on the top menu bar or the sidebar.) Once there, either click the "List hobos around your level who are alive" link or scroll down to the bottom to view the Hobo Rankings. Find a name and click on it to go to that player's profile.

Now, once you are on that player's profile page, recall the advice that Duncan gave you:

1. Attacking other players uses your Awake. When your Awake gets to zero you'll have to wait for more, so use it wisely!
2. You can't attack or be attacked if your Life is at zero. Go to the Hospital to recover from your injuries.
3. Remember to put your cash in your Piggy Bank before attacking, in case you lose!

Quickly make sure that you have at least 5 Awake, are alive, and don't have any money on hand. If all of those criteria are met, then go ahead and click the "Attack Hobo" link near the top of that player's profile. Once you have done so, you will go to a page that shows you the battle report of that battle. Check it to see if you won or lost the battle, and, regardless of the outcome, head back to Duncan's House to receive your next task.

The Fifth Task

Raise up any stat to 5 or more.

Now, this task could take a while to do, because you are bound to run out of Awake while performing this task. If you do, just wait patiently or find something else to do while it regenerates.

Duncan wants you to head on over to the Primary School and train one of your stats to at least 5. Before you head on over there, go to your Piggy Bank and withdraw $20 so that you can pay for the enrollment fee.

Once you have enrolled in Primary School, you will be able to train your stats. Take a look at the list of activities you can do at the Primary School and see what stat each activity increases. Next, decide which stat you want to raise to 5, click on its corresponding activity, and repeat that activity until you either run out of Awake or reach 5 of that stat.

Keep in mind:

Strength decreases the damage dealt to you and slightly increases the damage you deal to others.
Power greatly increases the damage you deal to others.
Speed determines how often you hit your opponent.
Intelligence has a variety of non-combat benefits. For example, the higher your intelligence, the faster you'll gain stats when you train.

If speed raised to 5 → $500
If power raised to 5 → Slurpee Cup
If strength raised to 5 → Garbage Bag
If intelligence raised to 5 → $500 & Slurpee Cup & Garbage Bag

More to come.

Testing Area

Sortable table
Weapon Attack Cost
Paper Cup +4 $400
Plastic Spoon +8 $1,600
Rocks +12 $3,600
Rubber Knife +20 $10,000
Metal Knife +30 $22,500

Saved Information



Another Heading

|- | Saving for later use. Champion


Welcome to Hobowars!

To give you the best possible experience, here are a few tips that will make the game a bit simpler to navigate for you.

Help Tutorial

We have an excellent tutorial located at <a href=""></a>.

Please take a few moments to check out this link. There are tons of great tips there that will help you start the game on the right track.

Help Me!

Under "Places: Message Boards" on the left hand side of your screen, you will find a list of message boards. Each board has a different theme, so pay attention to the description under the

title. Check out the "<a href="game.php?sr=817&cmd=gathering&do=board&board=4">Outta Towners</a>" board for some FAQs about the game.

Be sure to read the stickied threads at the top of the page there.

Donator Status

If you find that you enjoy the game and want some extra bonuses (you regain "awake" faster for one)that will help you along, click "<a href="game.php?sr=817&cmd=donate">Become a Donator</a>" link at the very top of the page.

$5.00 (USD) via a secure link to PayPal will get you 31 days of donator status which you will find invaluable in your quest to be the ultimate hobo.

Making some Money

To help you make some money to get you started, try begging at the 7/11 found <a href="game.php?sr=817&cmd=711">here</a>. You can also train your stats at the <a href="game.php?sr=817&cmd=p_school">Primary School</a>,

then fight the trolley boy at <a href="game.php?sr=817&cmd=shopping">Walmart</a> to get a trolley so you can explore the city and find some cans to sell.

These and many other helpful tips are contained in the <a href="">Tutorial</a>.

Fight Time!

Just want to start fighting other Hobos? Click on "<a href="game.php?sr=817&cmd=battle">Battle</a>" on the left hand side then "List hobos the same level as me who are alive..". That should give you a list with many pages of hobos.

At the bottom of that page you can also select what level you'd like to target also.


We suggest you find and join a gang early on. Most gangs will help you out with weapons, armor and maybe even some cash. Some also run compeitions and other events that you may enjoy.

Check out the <a href="game.php?sr=817&cmd=gangs">Gangs Alley</a>.

Tell a Friend

Tell all your friends! Give a friend the following URL to signup from and you will earn $500 straight away and a big bonus once they turn level 10!

Once again, have fun and welcome to the game!

This is an automated welcome message, you may not get a response if you reply.

Old Respect Values

Title Respect Range Stat Bonuses
Hobo 0 to 24,999
Homeless 25,000 to 49,999 +25 Defense
+25 Speed
Bum 50,000 to 99,999 +50 Defense
+50 Speed
Freeloader 100,000 to 199,999 +75 Defense
+75 Speed
Drifter 200,000 to 399,999 +100 Defense
+100 Speed
Showered 400,000 to 799,999 +125 Defense
+125 Speed
Citizen 800,000 to 1,599,999 +150 Defense
+150 Speed
Worker 1,600,000 to 3,199,999 +175 Defense
+175 Speed
Medic 3,200,000 to 4,999,999 +200 Defense
+200 Speed
Preacher 5,000,000 to 7,999,999 +225 Defense
+225 Speed
Actor 8,000,000 to 13,999,999 +250 Defense
+250 Speed
Officer 14,000,000 to 19,999,999 +275 Defense
+275 Speed
Peacemaker 20,000,000 to 29,999,999 +300 Defense
+300 Speed
John McClane 30,000,000 and Higher +325 Defense
+325 Speed
Title Respect Range Stat Bonuses
Hobo –1 to –24,999
Lowlife –25,000 to –49,999 +25 Attack
+25 Speed
Delinquent –50,000 to –99,999 +50 Attack
+50 Speed
Thug –100,000 to –199,999 +75 Attack
+75 Speed
Outcast –200,000 to –399,999 +100 Attack
+100 Speed
Addict –400,000 to –799,999 +125 Attack
+125 Speed
Tramp –800,000 to –1,599,999 +150 Attack
+150 Speed
Criminal –1,600,000 to –3,199,999 +175 Attack
+175 Speed
Mental patient –3,200,000 to –4,999,999 +200 Attack
+200 Speed
Murderer –5,000,000 to –7,999,999 +225 Attack
+225 Speed
Hit man –8,000,000 to –13,999,999 +250 Attack
+250 Speed
Mass murderer –14,000,000 to –19,999,999 +275 Attack
+275 Speed
Politician –20,000,000 to –29,999,999 +300 Attack
+300 Speed
Freddy Kreuger –30,000,000 and Lower +325 Attack
+325 Speed

In addition to the previous titles, there are special titles reserved for those who have the most (or least) respect in the game:

Title Requirement Stat Bonuses
Swat member Rank #3 in Positive Respect +350 Defense
+350 Speed
Swat member Rank #2 in Positive Respect +350 Defense
+350 Speed
Special agent Rank #1 in Positive Respect +375 Defense
+375 Speed
Title Requirement Stat Bonuses
Crimelord Rank #3 in Negative Respect +350 Attack
+350 Speed
Crimelord Rank #2 in Negative Respect +350 Attack
+350 Speed
Kingpin Rank #1 in Negative Respect +375 Attack
+375 Speed

There is also another respect title. However, it is only held by one individual, Hell (666). It cannot be obtained through normal gameplay.

Title Requirement Stat Bonuses